One of the best days of our lives was January 12th, 2008.  On that day, the journey began…

We have both been in Nashville since the fall of 2006, so we’re coming up on the six-year mark!  However, we have only had the privilege of sharing life together in the city since 2008.  We share a love of music, books, traveling, culture, ministry and our Lord and Savior.  And now that our family has grown some, we also share a love for Lyric, our almost three year old Border Collie, and the new addition to our family: Aiden Jeffery, who was born on May 23rd, 2012.

Jeff is part of Adventures In Missions, where he has served as the Director of Marketing, Interim Director of Kingdom Dreams, and now serves as Director of Communications. Jeff loves to read and write, and has been published in several on-line magazines and blogs and in print magazines as well.  And as of August 1st, 2012, he is now a published author!  You can find Wrecked at your local bookstore or at any online book retailer! Jeff loves missions and traveling, and has the privilege of doing both as his “career.”

Ashley was a part of Provident Music Group for over five years.  She worked in Accounts Payable and Finance before moving to Mainstream and International Sales.  Ashley loves to play and listen to music, watch movies and a good, healthy, competitive game of cards or any other type of game.  She is not as artistic as she’d like to be, but loves photography and “trying” to be creative.  She started her own photography business, Portray Photo, in 2010.  These days she spends her days with a handsome little fella, singing lots of songs and reading lots of Dr. Suess.