I’ve been reading this blog called Young House Love for a couple of years now. I can’t remember which friend introduced me, though, because it seemed like half of the female population at work read it.

YHL is like The Godfather of DIY blogs. They chronicle their journey of renovating their home (they’re now in their second) and doing just about all of it on their own and on a budget. It is so inspiring, which could get me into trouble because I do not have an ounce of handy in my body and have to remind myself often.

And that is why we bought a move in ready home. For everyone’s safety and sanity.

But the blog isn’t just on home projects. There is also plenty about their pooch and their adorable little girl, too, as well as some creative project ideas. Seriously, they’re handy and creative.

One of the projects I’ve loved since the first time I saw it was their weekly photo project of their little girl. I knew this was one thing I wanted to do someday. And someday has arrived! We’re a bit (ok it could be mostly me) obsessed with taking photos of our little man, so I’ll use any excuse to take even more.

But honestly, I am so glad we are doing it because he changes so much some weeks! I look forward to our date each Wednesday, to see what kind of faces we’ll capture that week and then to see how the final photo turns out in the end. Like YHL did at their daughter’s first birthday, I also look forward to Aiden’s first birthday and all 52 photos being on display and showing off his growth and adorable personality… and to doing it for each birthday after. Just kidding. Kind of. Maybe. I might have a problem. My brother commented on Week 13 on facebook “I just feel sorry for Aiden when the little circle starts saying ‘1,345 Weeks'” to which I replied, “Uncle Ahron, don’t be silly… we switch to months after he’s a year old.” Another great idea from YHL.

Anyway, back to the project. It seems like YHL is great about thoroughly thinking things through before tackling something, so I appreciate how they put that thought process into words on their blog. It’s great for people like me, who are not great at thinking things through, so we can avoid making a mistake or so we don’t catch ourselves halfway through saying “gosh, why didn’t I think of that before!”

With this photo project, they had holidays and life events in mind when planning out each week’s shoot.  The holidays are pretty easy to spot in their photos (I love how they changed the circle when appropriate, too, which is why I did a star for The Fourth and hope to do a pumpkin for Halloween), but what I love is Week 30. What a way to remember a significant moment in their life! And it was because of this photo that I even thought to do Aiden’s Week 10 the way I did. And so far it’s my favorite. It’s not my favorite specifically of Aiden, but it’s my favorite week because it was such a big week for us. And the look on Jeff’s face when he saw the setup was priceless, too.

So thanks to YHL for all their inspiration and for giving me a gift. I doubt I would have thought to even chronicle Aiden’s growth, much less in such a fun and creative way, if they kept all their good ideas to themselves. I am confident these 52 photos will be among my most prized possessions.