Well we are at three and a half months. We have surpassed the 100 day mark. Each day Aiden smiles more and more. And each day brings more anticipation for what new thing he will do next.

Sunday is the most interested he has ever been in touching and feeling a toy. And yesterday he grunted at the kitty hanging from his play mat for minutes on end in what, I assume, was an attempt to make it play music. I’m going to have to break the kid’s heart by telling him that no, he does not have The Force, and that he is actually going to have to reach up there and spin the ball in the kitty’s paws in order for the music to play. Bless his little heart.

But it is so neat to see him starting to associate things and put them together. It seems he’s also starting to realize that he has things (his arms and hands) that can bring things (our hands and fingers) to his mouth so he can chew. At this point it is all random, but it is exciting to watch him discover and to see things starting to click for him.

I love that what can be the simplest things to us bring him such happiness, like seeing “the baby” in the mirror. Sometimes “the mommy” is in the mirror, too. If I had to pick one favorite activity to do with him these days, it would be lying with him on the floor looking in the mirror. He definitely smiles the most during this type of play, and his joy is so contagious. And while I know it will be a long time before he puts it together that the baby in the mirror is actually him, I swear he is on to the mommy in the mirror. There are times when he grins and grins at the mommy and then he looks at me and back at the mirror as if to say “How are you lying beside me and up there in that mirror?”

And do you know what makes a mommy smile? Any of these adorable moments caught on camera, both still and video. I took Aiden’s three-month photos just a couple of days after he turned three months, but I’ve been sitting on them because we sent several to the grandparents for Grandparents’ Day. Now that they’ve all received their gifts, it’s no longer a surprise, and so I am excited to let these out! I can not believe how much he has grown already, and the three-month picture of him in the basket compared to his newborn picture really shows it off. Also, there are many more three-month photos (of course) over at Portray Photo if you just can’t get enough of this cutey! It’s worth the trek over alone just for the extra Mickey photos…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVdUxF-gwmA&feature=youtu.be]


Three Months