Last week we finally saw Jeff’s book on a bookshelf. Almost one month to the date from when it released. Having been in the music business for five years, I thought I knew a thing or two about street dates. But let me tell you… the book industry is almost nothing like the music industry. It is so hard to sit and wait and wait… and wait and wait to hear numbers. It could be sixty days before we get an idea of how well the book has done. That just seems plain crazy to me.

Anyway, all that aside, it is encouraging to hear how more and more people are finding it on bookshelves and that some stores are carrying more than what they initially did. And we also know that the second printing has been done and orders are coming out of that. So there is still lots to be encouraged about! Plus, there are the tons and tons of encouraging words from so many people!

So I think we’ll do it again. And by we I mean Jeff. And by think I mean will. The second week Jeff’s book was out, he signed a contract for his second book! So look out world, he ain’t going away! I am so proud. Jeff has always been a writer. And he was already a published author, but now that there is a second book on the way, he’s like an author ya’ll! And that also means I will get another photo published – that’s what happens when you’re married to a photographer (insert mischievous grin here). But that’s not what it’s about… he’s writing a second book!

There’s been a lot of dreaming going on in just these almost six years in Nashville. And even before that, too. I dreamed about working in the Christian music business, so I packed up and moved here, very naively I found out, after I got my job. I had no idea how competitive the job market was or that there were sooo many colleges just in the area, not to mention across the country, that had entire schools dedicated specifically to music business! And yet here came little ol’ me with her general business administration degree and no music industry experience, and by the divine planning of God and His ordering of my steps, six months after I moved to Nashville I sat down at a desk in the very company I had walked into over a year before while praying they’d just look at my resume (that’s not how it works, by the way).

And while that chapter of my life is now closed and, in the moment, it was hard to do what felt like walking away from a dream… I am now living a dream we had always talked about as if it were a “when” instead of an “if,” even though most times I wondered to myself if we could ever really pull it off. And even when I had the highest of hopes, I never thought the when would be as soon as our first was born. And so I don’t look at this summer as giving up on a dream, but jumping from one to the next. And I am so thankful my feet never had to touch the ground. I do not know why I am counted worthy.

And then of course we can go back to this book business. I always knew Jeff dreamed of writing a book, so I was surprised a couple of years ago when he said he didn’t know what his dream was. I told him I knew what it was – to write a book. Sometimes we get so busy or we can get so discouraged that we can lose sight of our dream. Or sometimes they change, and there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t know what it was for Jeff, but he jumped right back in and, not even a year later, he had his first book deal. And it is one heck of a good book too!

I am so glad that Aiden will grow up in a home where his parents can say that they had a dream come true. Dreams don’t have to be career oriented – they can be about anything. These were just the recent ones to us that stick out in our minds the most. And I want to make sure they are celebrated so we never forget and so that we can always remember the Lord’s faithfulness and goodness. An Ebenezer if you will. I am so thankful that Aiden will have a father that he will see daily live and work for his dreams so that Aiden will be encouraged to dream and to imagine. The kid will have no shortage of imagination if he takes after the Goins men, and he will also see no shortage of dreaming if he just looks to his daddy.

I think it so cool that Aiden was here to see Jeff’s dream realized. He was here when the book released, and he was here to celebrate with us and all of our friends. And he was here when we finally saw it on the shelf. At weeks old he was in the midst of seeing dreams, big life-long dreams, reazlied and hard work paying off. I hope his whole life we can encourage and cheer him on to do the same. Yes, I want him to have some sense of realistic expections and to know things are not simply handed to you. I know not every dream comes true. After all, I never became a backup dancer for *NSYNC. But I do not want him to be afraid to dream and to reach for the stars. I do not want him to underestimate himself, and I hope that we, as his parents, with the help of a whole lot of prayer and discernment, can help keep him grounded while still being his biggest fans.

Aiden turned 10 weeks the same day the book released. We got creative with his weekly photo to help remember the week.

Outtake from the 10-Week shoot.

Surprise “Wrecked” launch party Wednesday night.

Complete with “Wrecked” cupcakes.

When you have a 10-week old, it’s not always easy to get out. So you make things.


Just a handful of our great friends.

We have the best friends!

The man of the hour.

August 1st, 2012

Spotted August 30th, 2012!!

Barnes & Noble!!

Daddy and Aiden

The first of many family photos in a bookstore.