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Today I woke up just a stay-at-home mom. Maternity leave over. No more paychecks for Mommy. I can’t believe we’re already here. Aiden, had you been born on your due date, today would have been my first day back. You would have been nine weeks old. Instead, today you are 13.5 weeks old. I cannot believe it. This weekend I took your three-month photos!

As I was looking through those on the computer, I came across your newborn photos. I could have cried. I know you have changed so much, but my goodness you have changed so so much. If I ever needed confirmation that staying home to spend time with you was the right decision, that was it. Oh how I would miss so much, I am sure! I don’t know if all babies change as much as you do, but I feel like you change so incredibly much since you came into this world so tiny. I’m warning you now that you probably got one of those moms that sobs at every small or big life event, and I am giving you permission now to just roll your eyes and say, “oh, mom!”

To most, okay just about everyone else, you are still a little boy. But, to me, you are so big now! I mean, on Friday at three months and one day, you weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces, over twice as much as what I brought you home at: 4 pounds 3 ounces. As I carry you around in your car seat and “complain” at how heavy you are now, your Grammy laughs at me and teases me about how I’ve got another thing coming if I think this is heavy. After all, you are just now the average size for a newborn and you are 3 months old!

If you can’t tell, I’m having a hard time believing that you are 3 months old already. On Friday you will be 100 days old! You act like such a big boy, not wanting to be held like a baby while you’re awake. You always want to be sitting up so you can look around and these days you even protest to sitting at times and rather insist on standing. And while we haven’t mastered a guarantee smile every time we go fishing for one, we are almost guaranteed one anytime we put you under a mobile. Boy, do you know how to flirt!

I love you lil’ man, and I am so thankful for your hard-working daddy that made it possible for me to stare at your face for hours on end each and every day. I can’t imagine spending my days any other way. If I’m having a hard time believing you were ever this small, Lord help me on your first birthday!