Oh Baby G… we are so bad about blogging.  Well that’s not entirely true.  Your daddy does a fantastic job of blogging on his writing blog… but we are awful about this one these days.  Hopefully having so many wonderful stories to tell about you very soon will change things around here.

This past weekend we finally hit the home stretch on your nursery.  The last “have to” thing to be built and get done was completed.  You now have bookshelves.  Your pending arrival has made us the most productive I think we have ever been.  We are finally knocking things off to-do lists!  And your daddy has been building more things than I think he ever thought he would… and you know what I caught him doing last night…


Yep.  A few months ago he put together your crib, without too much incident, and that was that.  Typical furniture building, I believe.  Then a few weeks after that he put together your dresser.  This didn’t go quite as smoothly, but to his defense, he had some things working against him.  First of all, it was quite a few pieces – I don’t think we’ve ever had a piece of furniture with so many parts.  So we didn’t get started on it at a good time to finish it in one day.  And then, as your daddy sometimes has to do, he had to go on a trip.  When he came back, we discovered some screws missing.  But as I’m sure he will do many more times as your daddy, he figured out a solution, got what he needed, and made it happen.

But then came these bookshelves.  I somewhat sprang them on him.  I mean, we talked about shelving because we knew we’d be getting lots of books for you… and well you can’t really be a Goins without loving books, too.  But when I finally found some pretty easy instructions on how to build simple shelves that seemed perfect for your room, he was on a trip.  And your Grammy was in town, and her and I had a week to accomplish a bunch of projects while she was here.  So Grammy and I bought the supplies and she started painting.  She had to go before we got to put them together, so it was just your daddy and I… two people not-so-accustomed to building things from scratch.  But it was just a couple of boards that had to be screwed together and then screwed into the wall.  Seemed simple enough.  Took us a couple tries to get them built, because as it goes in our house, we always end up missing something we need halfway through the project.  But we got them together and made our way to your room.

Installing them wasn’t as painful as we expected.  No, we didn’t get it right the first time, but we definitely figured it out before we ever got it wrong and ruined anything or made a huge mess of things.  So that says something and is a win in our books!  And once we got a system down, we were done in less than an hour.

Then your daddy went on to the next thing (he has one of those personalities that has to be productive all the time), so I quickly put up the books we already had and cleaned out that corner of the nursery so I could take a photo and update our friends on the room’s progress (so many people are so excited to meet you and hear everything about you, including the latest on your nursery!).  I showed your daddy the photo, and of course the first thing he comments on is the mouse in the chair (there is a civil war in our house, you will quickly see this).  Then he commented on the shelves and just said, “they look good.”  However… when we were on our way to go to bed, I found him standing in your room, staring at the shelves…


I don’t know if it was because he could say he literally made something out of nothing and he was proud of that.  If he just thought they looked awesome.  If it was the fact that the room is finally starting to come together and you’ll be in it so very soon.  Or if it was a combination of any or all of the above.  But he was proud.  And you would be, too.  I just wish I had a photo of that moment, too.  But there is so much to be proud of him for, especially right now in this very season (and I will write blogs about it, promise!), and I know there will be many more when he can be your daddy in person.  He’ll be the best daddy.  You just wait, Baby G.  You.  Just.  Wait.