Well, the scorching summer is already here in Tennessee, and the cicadas are buzzing. It’s late morning, Lyric the dog is fast asleep on the couch, and I (Jeff) am all out of coffee.

It’s time for a “Life with the Goinses” update.

Our New Home

La Casa de Goins

What’s new with us

  • We are buying a house in Franklin, TN. We close in a week. No big deal or anything!
  • Lyric averages a couple of ticks per day. We’re becoming experts at pulling them off. (Well, at least, I am).
  • My sister Marissa recently graduated high school and is planning on attending University of Alabama at Birmingham in the fall. We gave her a George Foreman grill. In the same weekend, Ashley’s parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with a surprise party that Ashley planned. It was a blast.
  • Ashley’s photo business is doing well; she recently shot a wedding (with a little help from her assistant) and did a family session.

In other news

  • The movie Bridesmaids was better than I expected (don’t tell anyone I said that).
  • I ran a half marathon in April, finishing 30 minutes sooner than I thought I would. Not bad, if I may say so myself.
  • I’m leading a mission trip to Puerto Rico with my very good friend Dustin.
  • We’re headed to Ireland in August!
  • We have a lot of packing to do (Ashley is making me get rid of a bunch of books — can someone say, “Kindle?”)
  • Ashley beat me at Jenga last night.

And just for fun…

Lyric caught in the act

Caught in the act!

Here’s the most pathetic picture of Lyric I could find. I took this after he was sniffing through the groceries, trying to find something good to eat. His collar got stuck, and he started to panic. I watched with sadistic joy. Serves him right.