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Lyric. Loves. Car rides.

If you were lucky enough for me to bare my soul to you and admit that I was selfishly heartbroken by the fact that my dog disliked car rides, then you would know how much I dreamed of my dog sticking its head out the window, tongue flapping in the wind.  And you would also know that when Lyric came along, he just laid in the backseat and slept, never once trying to stand up and look out the window.

Well something changed around February.  And I wonder if it was his new-found-friend Monty.  I wonder if he looked back, saw almost three-foot Monty with half his body out the window riding in the car behind us to the dog park, and thought it looked fun.  Who knew that all this time all I needed for him to try it was to see a dog (I may or may not have stuck my head out the window once or twice to get Lyric to do it with no luck) do it to know what to do.  Regardless, he got a taste of it that day.  And there is no turning back. Lyric loves car rides.

Everytime we take him out and stop by the car to grab something, he jumps in.  If you announce a car ride and let him out the door without his leash, he’ll run out of sight in a heartbeat, only for you to finally make it to the car and see him sitting at the backdoor.  Yes, he knows both of our cars, which sometimes means he’s at the wrong car, but he’s always sitting at one of our cars nonetheless.

His favorite thing to do is perch on the console between the two front seats*.  At first you might blame it on his slight height disadvantage and wanting to see outside, but he can fit his nose out the backdoor windows.  The real reason behind his perching is, in fact, he is part mountain goat.  No joke.  We have witnesses.

So to celebrate my uncontainable joy, here are a few more Lyric photos.  I would be concerned that my faithful audience would be turned away by us doting on our dog… however he is the cutest thing to walk this Earth, so I know you love it.

Doggy see...

Doggy do!

The ONE time outta upteen that Lyric got the ball.

Doggy roll!

Check out Lyric's paw-o-death!

This pup loves his tennis ball!

*Lyric has a seatbelt that he wears on any trips longer than five minutes, so he gets lots of car rides to McDonald’s and Redbox just for fun (and maybe for our benefit).  We do practice puppy safety in this house!