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We’ve finally became “those people.” You know the ones… they always manage to squeeze it into the conversation.  They can’t not talk about it.  They swear they’re not going to be spoilers… but they totally are.

Yes, we’re proud pup parents.  Lyric is a one-year old border collie mix.  We’re not sure what else he is, but whatever the mix, he got the best of both worlds.  He’s adorable, has soft fur, doesn’t really shed (well, until you feed him a corn diet), is super fast and quite the jumper (this may be a con…), a lover and a lap dog.  We may not know what other type of dog he is, but we do know he is also part mountain goat (he loves to climb to the highest point in the room and just stand there) and part raccoon (he uses his paws like hands, seriously).

The day Lyric came home, he was pitiful.  It was September 21st, and he was so sad and emo, totally out of his element.  But day by day, even week by week, we started to see more of his personality.  There are still surprises, months later, that just crack us up.  We have laughed until we have cried, we have awed and melted, we have almost eliminated our need for tv because he’s way more entertaining to watch play and we have had our fair share of disciplining as well.  But the big picture is:  we absolutely adore him and could not be more pleased with the choice we made.

So here’s a little “In the Life of…” blog.  Our favorites are Lyric in the snow, because he absolutely eats it up. Literally.  He loves the snow.

Common Occurrence: Beggin' for Belly Rubs

Lyric's FAVORITE ball (if you find another, we need a replacement!)

Lyric: Seatbelt Supermodel

At Lyric's First Play Date

The Boys: Best Buds

"I'm cute, right?!"

Merry Christmas 2010!

Love that face!