Some days are days you’ll never forget.  I mean like huge, life changing, I remember the date, maybe even the time, or even where I was standing type of day. 

January 28, 2001:  The day I danced at Super Bowl XXXV.  That was a dream come true of almost six years.  The day I found out that dream was coming true was a great day, too.  I just remember it was a Friday night in September.  Probably the 29th.

May 7, 2007:  The day I started working in Christian music in Nashville.  This is one dream I chased across country, and once I got the job, I couldn’t believe how crazy the whole journey had been.  I am blessed to have been given an opportunity to work (and still work) in this industry. 

January 12, 2008:  My wedding day. It was supposed to snow that day in Nashville.  While that would’ve been magical, it was a beautiful and somewhat warm day.  And we had the best party.


February 23, 2010:  The day I launched my photography business.

This has been a dream in the making for over a year.  I would bring it up to Jeff, we’d talk about cameras and I’d look at a few online, but nothing really beyond that.  It was like I didn’t know how to take the next step or where to begin. 

Then, for reasons I don’t even know, last fall I found myself researching cameras.  And it was actually clicking.  I knew what I was looking for.  I also found myself spending lots of my free time studying all sorts of resources.  I have no idea what started it all.  I just was.  And for whatever reason, this time I had this feeling that I could actually do it.

Then Jeff surprised me with a camera at Christmas.  I started to study it (lots of hours on the road traveling meant lots of time to learn the camera).  Then we had our Sunday discipleship class holiday party at our apartment at the beginning of January, and I told a few people about it. 

The encouragement was overwhelming.

That begin the probably month-long process of trying to settle on a name.  Jeff and I both had very specific requirements (for totally different, but good, reasons).  And then it finally appeared, almost in passing, in an email Jeff sent to me.

Then began the process of developing a logo.  Thank goodness for our talented friend Ryan Stout.  He captured the vision immediately, after just hearing the name (without us telling him our vision).  And after a few weeks of creating, the logo arrived.  And that meant we could tell the world!

So on Tuesday, we did.  And in that short amount of time, there have been over 700 hits to the website, numerous comments and emails from people all over with such kind and encouraging words, a few photo shoots discussed (yes, already!), and just one incredibly overwhelmed, encouraged and just down right beside herself little lady (Jeff shares in my excitement, too, but he most definitely is not “a little lady”). 

Thank you to everyone who has made that day, and this week so far, one of “those” days. 

Without further ado, I present to you Portray Photo: