Yes, it’s true.  Jeff and I have now been married for two whole years!  It is so hard to believe sometimes, because time has flown by!  However, at the same time, that wedding day seems like years and years ago, too.

Our anniversary fell on a Tuesday this year.  Last year it was great to get away over a long weekend in Memphis and spend quality time with one another.  However, this year we were just traveled out after the holidays.  So we decided to not do a big trip this year but to just spend some time together at home.

Jeff started the celebrations a bit early on the Saturday before.  He woke me up, quite excited, to show me some place he’d discovered.  We drove up to Berry Hill (just at the South edge of Metro Nashville) and pulled up to this little house turned restaurant.

The name alone was enough to raise excitement.  I mean, how could a name like The Pfunky Griddle not be fun?  Turns out this place serves one of my favorite breakfast foods:  pancakes.  However, it’s not your typical pancake serving restaurant.  Here, the pancakes are made right in front of you ON YOUR TABLE!

With your choice(s) of toppings, you are also handed a pitcher that promises unlimited pancakes (they refill the pitcher of course), and you yourself make your own pancakes right there at the table.  And you can mix and match your toppings.  I did peanut butter (yum!), and Jeff did chocolate chips and bananas (oink).  It was so good.  I would recommend this over The Pancake Pantry any day (although The Pancake Pantry does have amazing french toast).  I know, I’m know being shunned by all Nashvillians.

The rest of our celebrations took place on January 12th, our actual anniversary.  Jeff wanted to do dinner at home, which I loved (no long lines at restaurants!).  He ordered take out from Macaroni Grill.  Their chicken lemon pasta whatever it is was addicting.  I highly recommend.

Then we opened presents.  Jeff and I have many common interests, and this anniversary I chose to celebrate our love of music.  Jeff is a big fan of David Gray, and right before Christmas I got word he was coming to the Ryman.  And seeing as we have yet to see a show at the Ryman and desperately want to, I could not pass this up.  He was quite excited.  And funny how Jeff kind of chose to celebrate our love for music as well, seeing as he got me a Ray LaMontange cd.  He also gave me the promise of a camera bag… which I have yet to cash in on!

It wasn’t long after the excitement that I started wishing I had done something for dessert.  Being the spontaneous couple we are (and people who never pass up Coldstone or gelato), we promplty made  a trip to Coldstone to get our usual:  french vanilla with chocolate chips, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Oreos and fudge.

By the time we had consumed this piece of heaven in a bowl, it was too early to call it a night.  We may have been married for two whole years, but we are not old people!

So we made another spontaneous trip, this time to the movie theater, and finally saw Old Dogs (If you’ll remember, this was our movie of choice for New Year’s, but it was sold out!).  This is the movie that my mom would not stop talking about at Christmas.  It started out cute, Jeff chuckling from time to time.  I began to think that maybe I wasn’t in a good mood though, because I was not giggling along.  But then came the infamous golf scene.  I have never laughed so hard, so loud (embarrassing) and so long at a movie in a movie theater as I did.  From then on, the movie had me.  I highly recommend if you need a pick me up.

So thanks to my wonderful hubby, another glorious year has come to pass with a wonderful celebration.  And here’s to many many more glorious years and celebrations.  Love you babe!