Ok ok ok, I have months to recap.  I don’t even remember all that happened, but here we go.

Oh yes, August.  August, you weren’t necessarily my favorite.  You brought me the bee sting, that stupid bee sting that made me miserable for like a week!  The good news:  I survived.  My toes are completely normal and all the dead, poison-infested skin has long since been shed.  It is as if it never happened.  And I’m thankful for that… and of the mind set now that for all intents and purposes, I am now allergic to bee stings.

Our family also grew a bit… well we finally got a Mac.  That’s what I meant.  And for the most part, it’s been great.  I’ve done some video editing, just a bit of picture editing, and tried my hand at some very small design projects.  Very small.  I think I will learn to love a Mac.  But I refuse to love Jeff’s.  There have been times where it has left me to be with Jeff on a work trip, and it has broken my heart, because I needed it.  I relied on it.  So I will not love it.  I will love my own, though.  Some. Day.

August also brought my parents to town.  Ok, August, I must confess.  Walking down this memory lane, I’m realizing you really weren’t all that bad.  Anyway, Mom and I dabbled in cupcake decorating (so fun and delish!), and I started my love affair with painting with Jeff by my side.  Sips n Strokes is so cool.  If you live in Nashville or Atlanta or Alabama, you should go check it out.  You will not be disappointed.  And you will be surprised by how well you really can paint.  Trust me.

And then came September.  And Jeff on CBN News!  And…


Oh New York City.  I love you.  You reawakened my love for travel and stirred a deeper love in me for excellent theater. And speaking of those video projects, below is the NYC photo tour video, just because I love it, and I want you to watch it again.  Ready, go.