My husband is the Director of Marketing at Adventures In Missions (AIM).  AIM is located in Gainesville, Georgia, but Jeff primarily works out of our home, traveling to Georgia every other month or so for meetings.  He also travels to train missionaries during training camps and even leads a mission trip or two.  But in his day-to-day role, it is hard for me sometimes to remember how important of a guy he is (he is Director after all, that’s big stuff!), because I see him at home all the time, working from the couch one day, the dining room table the next, and sometimes out of his actual office… and even sometimes in pajamas (don’t tell him I told you).    I wouldn’t be surprise if some of you have gotten an email from him while in the bathroom.  Again… I didn’t say a word.

One of his tasks as Director of Marketing is working with media outlets.  He’s helped get AIM into magazines like Relevant, on some radio stations and just recently on CBN News.  The latest, with CBN, was in regards to this photo contest AIM did.  They set up criteria that had to be met, allowed anyone to submit photos that met them, and then awarded cash prizes to winners. These photos were about ministry, many from people that had been on an AIM trip and some that had not.  They were amazing, beautiful, and heart wrenching.  I cannot imagine being a judge for this contest.

CBN had heard about this from a press release and contacted AIM, wanting to do a piece about it.  Jeff did a video chat with them.  I tried embedding the video CBN put together of their chat and some of the pictures that were submitted, but I had lots of trouble, so please take the time and visit the article here.