Is August really over?  Yikes!  Hard to believe. 

The other weekend my parents came to town.  We didn’t do the typical Nashville things (they’ve been here enough times, I’m running out of things to show them!), but we did have a blast.  They got in on a Friday night, just in time for supper.  We made yummy home-made tacos.  I love this meal. Love. It.  Guacamole, limes, flour tortillas.  Wow.  After supper we watched Henry Poole is Here.  Jeff and I had already seen it and loved it, but the parents hadn’t.  So we showed it to them.  I think they liked it.  And man, what a soundtrack!

That Saturday Jeff took Dad to our YMCA.  Dad has always wanted to see it, so they went, only to have their time cut short because someone set off the fire alarm.  So while they were finishing up their workouts at the apartments’ fitness center, Mom and I did what could almost be considered the complete opposite… we made cupcakes.

You see, for awhile now my mom has talked about learning how to decorate cakes.  Then that talk turned into maybe starting a cake business.  If you know her and see her around, you need to encourage her to do it!  She’s always been artsy in regards to being able to draw, so I know she could handle the detailed cake decorating part.  And she is a great baker, too.  Her cookies, both sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies, are famous.  Famous, I tell you!  She also makes a mean chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  Now, I’m a white cake with cream cheese icing kind of girl, but this chocolate cake is divine! 

So I think she should do this.  And in trying to help her along, last time Jeff and I were in Illinois, we got her a cupcake book (only because we couldn’t find a cake book at Shopko).  It has some adorable creations in it.  Mom had apparently been experimenting with the puppy dogs, and she brought the supplies here for us to try.  I got to help her make some puppies, and then all four of us devoured the creations.  They were adorable and delicious.  So I continued on, feeding this idea of hers, by taking her to Borders and “making” her buy some awesome cake books.  I use the word “making” loosely, because I didn’t have to twist her arm very hard at all.  Well, actually, there wasn’t even twisting.

Puppy Cupcakes

Mom's is obviously on the left (the pro) and mine on the right (the amateur).

So, we had cupcakes for dessert after another one of Jeff’s infamous meals:  BBQ chicken and corn on the cob. I also love this meal.  The corn on the cob has been amazing this summer, too.  Amazing.

We then spent that Saturday afternoon in downtown Franklin browsing through the shops.  Downtown Franklin is so charming!  Then we headed over to Buca di Beppo for supper.  This is the same thing we had for my birthday, and I really wanted my parents to try the place out.  It was amazing as usual.  Then that Sunday we went to church and hit up Cozymel’s before they hit the road to head back North.  It was a great visit, and a filling one.  Literally.

After they left, Jeff and I went to (500) Days of Summer.  This is a must see movie.  Zooey is adorable in this, and the story is just too cute.  Well and aggravating at times, but cute. 

As for other new things… we’ve been working on the ballroom dancing!  We are really enjoying the lessons.  We have learned the beginnings of the Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Swing, Salsa and Fox Trot.  Before our next lesson, we have to pick two or three that we will continue on learning and add about 15 combinations to our playbook.  We are anxious excited! 

Van Gogh's Almond Branch

Van Gogh's Almond Branch

We also took a stab at painting.  A new place called Sips n Strokes opened up in Cool Springs, and we had a date night there the other night.  Each night, they have a different painting, and there is someone there to teach you how to paint it.  We did a Van Gogh, which I wouldn’t recommend if it’s your first time because of all the details!  I should’ve picked something a little less complicated.  But it was fun, and I’m looking forward to trying it out some more.  If you live in Alabama or are in the Atlanta or Nashville area, you should try it out!  It does not matter your skill level, I promise!  I am the worst ever, and I was surprised at what I could do as an amateur.  It was no Van Gogh, but still…

L-R:  Jeff, Ashley

L-R: Jeff, Ashley