Well ok, I’m not really sure how true that statement is… or how fair that really is to the other months… but it is my birthday month!

July flew by.  And I do mean that.  We started out July in Georgia celebrating the 4th and experiencing IKEA for the first time.  What an experience.  The next week we house sat, got our new dining room table that we love, and then my brother and his band came down to play at a showcase.  It was so great seeing him, even if only for a short visit.  We enjoyed delicious Papa John’s pizza (the best!) and some intense games of Yahtzee and Jenga.

The next weekend we got to celebrate our friends Phil and Michelle at their wedding in Indy.  It was beautiful.  And then came my birthday.  Hold on while I start another paragraph, because it deserves it’s own…

Ashley's Birthday 1

Ashley's Birthday 2

Ashley's Birthday 3

Ashley's Birthday 4

Thank you, thank you, thank you for an incredible birthday.  To my friends and family and my darling husband, you all are wonderful.  I will never forget this birthday.  It was amazing.  Thank you.

Then we ended the month up in Illinois, going to see S.H.A.R.C play at a concert they organized, Sold Out for Christ.  It was a whirlwind of a weekend, just like the entire month, but it was an enjoyable busy.

We are so thankful that we got to see so many over the summer.  It makes all the crazy busyness of managing our schedules and traveling and lack of sleep worth it.  It’s hard to believe August is practically over – – it makes this summer seem like it happened so long ago.  But we feel truly blessed to be able to have lived the summer we did, have so many wonderful people in our lives and actually get to see a few of you, to celebrate new lives (wedding) and an “old” one (my birthday), and to have the ability now to welcome so many of you into our home.  We have a spare bedroom that is vacant most of the time, aside from Jeff’s work hours when it serves as an office, and a table with six empty seats.  So get your names on our reservation list and come see us!!!

*Thanks to Joe Gomez Photo for the birthday photos!