Welp, August is hot.  What’s new.  The mild July only teased us into thinking that maybe this August would be different than the rest.  Such a tease.  Granted, it’s not as hot as August 2007, but it’s still hot. 

Big BangWe did have a great visit from Josh and Caroline Cody the first weekend in August, as they were making their way from Georgia to Portland, Oregon.  What a fun couple!  We enjoyed Jeff’s delicious BBQ chicken dinner and great conversations, we showed them downtown Nashville, and we finished that Friday night at Big Bang, a dueling piano bar with a splash of comedy.  I seem to forget how awesome that place is.  I love hearing good piano (obviously, I am a pianist), and these entertainers are so talented.  And I love Journey, as well as many of the popular songs from the 70s and 80s (not ashamed!).  Well ok, maybe I don’t love them all, but they are great to sing along to at the top of your lungs.  But anyway, Big Bang never fails to play Journey.  And my favorite Big Bang entertainer, Geoff Smith, made an appearance again.  Why is he my favorite?  Well, he’s entertaining, but he also sings, yes sings, the guitar solo to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”  Jeff put my request in on a napkin with only a one-dollar bill (most people were putting requests in with fives and tens), and they played it not five minutes later!  I left one happy customer, and I think it’s safe to say a good time was had by all.

Pancake PantryOn Saturday Josh and Caroline helped fulfill a dream of Jeff’s by allowing us to take them to The Pancake Pantry before they hit the road.  We got to Hillsboro Village around 10:30 a.m., but unfortunately didn’t get to a table until almost noon (no surprise here).  However, everyone seemed pleased with their food choices.  And ironically, as we walked out, there was a line of maybe ten people.  Our recommendation:  do breakfast for lunch and save yourself some time out in the hot sun! 

But other than that, August hasn’t been the greatest of months.  The next weekend Jeff headed to Georgia for a short work trip.  While he was gone, I was nursing a sore back.  Still not really sure how that all started.  That Saturday I decided stepping on a bee would be completely cool, and by the time Jeff got home Saturday afternoon, my foot was a bit swollen and a tad itchy.  However, that did not stop us from hitting up the Apple Store during tax-free weekend and getting a MacBook Pro for the working man (I also have privileges to it, too, to create awesome cool videos for you guys to watch like the one found here!).  By the time we got home after walking and standing in line for hours, the foot was a bit sore.  But that was nothing compared to how it would be in the coming days.

Sunday I stayed home from church to rest the back and elevate the foot.  By then I was also fighting what I thought was a cold, but Jeff was convinced it was the flu.  Come to find out, it was just that stupid bee sting.  It appears I’m growing allergic to the fuzzy evil things.  Monday the foot was even worse, but staying home yet again and religiously soaking my foot in Epsom salt, taking Benadryl and ibuprofen, and occasionally using a baking soda paste to calm the itch and soak out the poison (does it really do that?) seemed to make a world of difference.  I headed back to work on Tuesday, still a bit swollen and with some awful bruising, but it only took another day for me to be able to walk normal.  Each day after, the evidence of my traumatic weekend became less and less.  And the good news?  All that time spent with my foot up healed my back!  But we also fear that Jeff is becoming a victim of allergies, thank you very much Nashville.  So I’ve been pumping him full of Benadryl, too.  I think we have succesfully kept them in business over the past week.

So now it’s a new week, and we’re both practically healthy now!  Jeff is loving his MacBook Pro (and I am, too!).  We are merely weeks away from our Labor Day weekend trip to New York City (get excited!).  And we start ballroom dancing lessons this week.  Oh, and my parents are coming down this weekend!  So hopefully our upcoming blogs will have more exciting things to blog about then bee stings, sore backs and allergies.  However, I’m sure there’s a few of you Mac fans out there that are cheering Jeff because of that good news!