Somewhere in between packing, moving and unpacking, I forgot to recap May.  So here is May and June in a nutshell!

May was a big month.  It was the climax of something we’d been anticipating for quite some time – – moving.   Well, and Marissa would probably like us to say that her 16th birthday was pretty important, too! 🙂  Seriously, though, it was good to be able to drive down to Alabama and help her celebrate.  But for the most part, May was devoted to getting this move done.

June was pretty awesome.  We finally got to see Coldplay.  (Insert a choir “ah” right about… here).  And we were able to have some friends over to help celebrate our new home.  Our church went on a retreat, and I got to experience rafting for the first time.  This is a must-do-again activity.  Oh, yes!  We were also able to go back to Illinois the last weekend in June to see dear friends get married.  It’s always a joy to attend a beautiful wedding like that.  And to see old friends and family is simply icing on the cake.

Man, what a great couple months.  And looking at them both condensed into two very small and precise paragraphs makes me realize how much we had on the calendar and wonder how it all got done!  But it did.  And I’m sure July will look very similar.