IKEA Stash

Yes, we did it.  We finally went to IKEA.  We were headed over to Gainesville, Georgia, to spend the holiday weekend with some of Jeff’s AIM coworkers, and we stopped in Atlanta at IKEA.  It was an experience.  We were amazed at some of the “how to live in 300 square feet” exhibits.  In fact, I think there were a couple Jeff was ready to move in to. 

We were on the hunt for a few random household items and keeping our eyes out for a new dining room table.  While we did not find a table, we did find some bargains, mainly new glasses and a floor lamp and a few other things.  I don’t know that IKEA is some place I would make a special trip for again (at least, not until I get a house and have more need for, say bookcases, couches, or kitchen cabinets!), but I would stop by one, if it’s convenient.  Oh, and for their chocolate.  So good! (And no, we did not eat all that chocolate.  Most of it is to give away.)

So after that exciting adventure, we headed to Gainesville.  Jeff took me to this place called Little Italy for pizza.  Until Friday, it was merely a name I saw every time I balanced our checkbook while Jeff was in Georgia (they frequent it regularly), and I drooled over the sound of the place. Upon tasting, I was pleased.  I personally liked their Neapolitan, which is their thin-sliced pizza.  We got just plain cheese, and it was deliciously seasoned.  Two slices of that would’ve been plenty for the two of us.  We also split one piece of the other (can’t remember what it’s called).  It has very thick crust, and we got pepperoni.  It was ok, but not as tasty as the cheese… or as healthy.

That night we played cards for a while woth our hosts, before calling it a night.  The next morning we woke up and prepared for a day out on the lake.  There were four of us families that hung out between two boats, and we packed a great meal to BBQ for supper.  It was a beautiful day to be on the lake, even with our minor boat issues.  Who new a trim, a piston and a flywheel could be so important and difficult!  And to be able to see the fireworks from the lake, right over our heads, was amazing.  Gainesville has one beautiful fireworks display, and I think they had some of the largest fireworks I’ve ever seen!

Besides the fireworks, my favorite part of the night had to be the dance party.  After the fireworks, a few on the boat started up a dance party to the 80’s rock music playing over the pontoon’s speakers.  It was hilarious.  I think I had more fun watching then I would have had actually dancing.  Oh!  And I can’t forget a “first,” which was watching some of the group crash a party.

Yes, I said crash a party.

You see, there are houses all around the lake.  And you would not believe some of the houses we spotted.  Beautiful and ginormous.  Huge.  Ridiculous.  Well, one house in particular was apparently having a party and was playing music so loud all afternoon, that no boat on the lake surrounding that house needed to play their own music.  It was that loud.  Really loud.  After the fireworks, we noticed that it changed to live music.  It was a couple guys with guitars, and at one point, a fiddle.  I don’t know how serious the suggestion was to crash the party, but by the time Clint (the driver of the pontoon, who is also quite the daring fellow) got his boat over to this house’s dock, there was seriously a group of four willing to crash it.  So up they went, up this beautiful, white, lantern lit, wooden staircase that climbed the side of the cliff.  We watched as the party sent a herd of people to meet them on the steps.  I thought our group was going to get ambushed and thrown over, but instead we saw them walk on up with the other group.  They mingled for a bit, and came back down.  Even though we didn’t get an official invitation to bring the rest of our group up, they did offer those daring four some homemade peach ice cream.  I don’t know much about party crashing, but I guess not getting thrown out and experiencing some sort of hospitality is a semi-success.