Davis Wedding 1Welp, this past weekend we made the long (and I literally mean long this time, thank you Nashville traffic!) trek back to Illinois.  The reason why we were in town was for a wedding of our college friends.  We always look forward to these sort of things, because we love it when two people, who the Lord brought together, get married.  And we also love seeing all of our other college friends that come to celebrate. 

This time was no exception.  Jenn and Curtis are very dear friends, and they’re together all because of us. Well, ok, not really but kind of.  You see, they say it was the magic at our wedding that made them realize they liked each other.  While I’m glad our wedding could evoke such emotions, we really didn’t do anything.  We are so glad the Lord brought these two to each other.  It was so great to hear stories about their relationship, because unfortunately, we really haven’t been able to know them as a couple.  But we love them dearly as friends and are so incredibly happy they’ve found love.

Davis Wedding 2

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While in Illinois, we took advantage of the opportunity to see my brother preach.  Ahron still has his youth nights on Sunday nights, so we were able to help lead worship, play a great game of wiffle ball in which the adults totally schooled the kids (and the two girls smashed it out of the “park”), and hear Ahron give a great message about forgiveness.  Afterwards, we headed out to the drive-in, one of my favorite things to do, and took in Transformers.  For pure entertainment value, I thought it was good.  However, I realize to those who know more about Transformers, it’s not so great.

 Clark 54 Drive In

Gary 1I also spent lots of time with Gary, the closest thing I will have to a nephew anytime soon.  Ahron just brought him home two weeks ago, and this little puppy will entertain you for hours.  Assuming my role as the spoiler, I bought him two Kongs, a puppy sized one and a big dog sized one (Gary is almost all lab).  The beauty of these things is that you put peanut butter inside of them.  Heck, I’d chew on a chew toy if it had peanut butter inside of it, too!  It took Gary a bit to realize what was going on, but once he did, he wore his poor little tongue out until he got every bit he could.  Do you think these things would work on children?

Spending so much time with Gary was delightful, including the pee greeting he excitedly gave me.  But it also made me realize, as I was yelling at him to not chew on Mom’s lace table cloth and rugs and watched him pee right in front of my mom as she was trying to take him outside, that even though I want a puppy… maybe I could go with a bit older puppy, one that at least recognizes his own name.  Regardless, what a joy he is, and the stories Ahron and Mom had to tell about him kept us laughing for quite some time.

Gary 3

"Stop taking pictures of me already!"