Do you hear that?  Do you feel that?  It’s the huge sigh of relief Jeff and I are now breathing!!  The apartment is practically done.  I won’t lie, there are a few things in two closets that need to be addressed, but for the first week since moving we are able to leave our work at the end of the day and relax at home. No more to do lists for each evening, working until bedtime trying to get unpacked and organized.


One of the motivators was our little gathering of friends last Saturday.  I knew if I was going to have people over, that’d motivate me to get it done.  And we did.  And Jeff was a ginormous help.  And the friends came.  And we ate delicious food that everyone brought.  And a few stuck around to play games and laugh all those calories off. 

I made the mistake, though, of calling it a “house warming party.”  I did not mean for that to mean what it implies.  I should’ve just called it a BBQ.  But I didn’t.  And surprisingly I had some very sweet friends who brought us “house warming” gifts and flowers.  Well, it’s not surprising that they’re sweet friends… we were just surprised by the gifts.  So thank you for your generosity and your kindness – – you know who you are. 

But we had so much fun having people over and actually not feeling like sardines.  The space is so great.  And we have truly wonderful friends who are loads of fun.  So thank you, Nashville, for having awesomely cool people.

The weekend also included a surprise date night put on by the husband on Friday. We had great food at Jonathan’s Grill (appetizers are half price during happy hour, and they’re delicious!!), and then we went to see Angels and Demons.  Now, before you get all bent out of shape about that movie selection, let me tell you that we don’t believe any of that.  We were going to watch a hopefully good movie with a make believe story line.  And that’s exactly what it was, a good movie.  It wasn’t as good as the first one for me, because the plot was a little bit more far fetched and harder to follow, but it was still cool.  And the location was beautiful.  It was shot in Rome, and it shows off quite a bit of it.  So if you’re looking for a somewhat suspenseful movie with great scenery and a decent plot, it’s probably worth checking out. 

And with that, I shall leave you with a glimpse of the “completed” apartment:

Shakespeare Wall

Music, food, love and Shakespeare. Brilliant.