Oh summer is here, and it is oh so stinkin’ hot.  I hope this past weekend isn’t a glimpse of what the rest of the summer will be like, or I shall have two reasons for disliking Tennessee.  Only two, but they’d be good ones:  one being ALLERGIES (capital “G” “R” “R”), and the second being the hotness + humidness.

Anyway, enough complaining.  Friday night we took the night off, from all things moving related that is, and had an at-home date night.  It started with an amazing dinner of mashed potatoes and green beans accompanied by my husband’s awesome grilled steaks.  We enjoyed this on our cozy patio, of course.  I had a lovely picture of the deliciousness but apparently don’t know how to work my camera like I thought I did and actually deleted it.  So…  here’s the aftermath:

Jeff BBQ

Then we headed inside to play a game called Life.  The husband learned that, yes, getting a college degree really does pay off.  And we watched a movie – – “W.”  I don’t really know what to say about that…

Saturday we did lots of unpacking.  I tackled the clothes and organizing the bedroom while the red head tackled the office.  I wasn’t allowed to go see “UP” until I did my part, so I did it and did it well.  I have never been so proud to see the floor of a closet.  In my 25 years of existence, I don’t know that I’ve ever had as clean of a closet as this.  And as for the movie, well it was cute.  We wouldn’t recommend spending the extra cash to see it in 3-D, but would most definitely recommend seeing it.  Just be warned:  you might need a tissue.

Sunday we had the privilege in celebrating Marrisa’s life as we headed down to Alabama to spend the afternoon with Jeff’s sister and family on her 16th birthday.  This day was also filled with delicious food… and a very intense game of Taboo.  So Happy Sweet Sixteen to Rissa, and we are so excited for your mission trip to Costa Rica at the end of the month!