So… after 10 or so days, we can finally see the end of moving.  Not unpacking, but moving.  This past weekend, my mom came down to help us out, and it was a huge help.  We had two rooms to paint back white, and of course the walls were painted in some of the darkest colors you could pick.  Then we had the usual cleaning to do and had to pack the last few stray things… that turned out to be like eight boxes.  Ugh.  But the sigh of relief happened yesterday afternoon, when we finally saw the end.  And all that’s left is to go pick up the last few boxes that didn’t make it in the car yesterday.

So, we still have a ton of unpacking to do, but we can see it coming together.  We are loving the space, the location and how things are slowly coming together.  No pictures of the inside yet, because we’re nowhere near ready.  But we do have one place that has become a favorite, I think. 

Patio 1

I’d found this furniture about a month ago and had the whole thing pictured in my mind.  But last week, when I went to finally pick them up, the store was out of chairs.  There were no chairs to be had anywhere near here.  But I found a store that was on Mom’s way to Nashville, and she graciously picked them up for us.  I thought I’d never be so excited about two folding chairs! But as you can see, it totally makes it, and there were no other chairs that looked even close to these.

So welcome to our little getaway.  I anticipate many mornings of breakfast with coffee (Jeff) and OJ (me) and evening talks about life and such, just like we used to do in the “old days”… oh yea, and Jeff playing guitar.

Jeff on Patio