Not much to talk about this time.  Just lots of packing for the move.  We picked up the keys this weekend, and are loving the idea of this new place being home for awhile.  Our preparation has turned out to be better than anticipated, and so far all is going well.  We are so thankful for the help of some friends to move the big furniture on Wednesday with Jeff.  “Unfortunately” they’re doing it in the afternoon… while I’m at work.  Darn my luck.  heehee.  My mom is rolling into town this weekend to bring my car back (my parents let us borrow their van this week, which is a huge help), so she’ll be around just in time to help us paint back the old apartment.  Lucky her.  heehee.

To see pictures of our “old” apartment, click here.  I’ll leave you with the before video of our “new” apartment, complete with clever Jeffery commentation.  Welcome to our 1100 plus square feet of goodness.