Last year it seemed like this was the time when our summer started to get crazy busy.  It looks like it’s no different this year.  Fortunately, it shouldn’t get as crazy.  With that, here’s a look and how it all started in April…

Jeff spent over a week in Costa Rica leading a mission trip for AIM.  Incredible stories are still just starting to come out of him, so keep checking back at his blog for retellings.  He just posted a video recap this week!

While he was gone, I had the opportunity to get to hear some great music and hang with a new friend.  We have yet to revisit that amazing Mexican restaurant, but it will happen.  Queso, here I come!

We ended the month at Turner Field in Atlanta for a Braves game.  It was a gift we gave my brother for Christmas.  Unfortunately, the Braves let us down, but it was still a great trip.  Blog, pictures and video to come soon.

So here’s to the return of the beautiful weather (hopefully), all the exciting things yet to come on the calendar, all the people we will get to see and to us moving next week!!