Somehow Jeff and I are blessed to do our “dream jobs.”  I shouldn’t say “somehow”…  we obviously know we wouldn’t have gotten here without our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Four winters ago, I sat with one of my high school best friends in a Starbucks back in Illinois, and we both joked about moving to Nashville to work – – her in some avenue of journalism and me in Christian music.  To this day I still cannot remember where that thought originated or when I first talked about it.  Over ten months later, I was in Nashville.  Not working in Christian music… yet… but I was in Nashville.  That came six months later!  Oh, and my friend, she ended up North… way North.  I’m grateful to be where it’s warm!

As for Jeff, he has always had a heart for missions.  After graduating college, he spent a year traveling the U.S. and a month in Taiwan doing music ministry through CTI Music Ministries.  After that, he came down to Nashville to do something with music or ministry.  Oh, and to supposedly chase a girl.  He landed an almost full-time job in music, selling resources to youth ministers.  But those of you who know Jeff well know he is not meant for a cubicle and the 9-5.  What we thought was a lost opportunity to work for a missions organization came back about six months later at Adventures In Missions.  Now he works full-time there at AIM as Director of Marketing.  As he likes to put it, he’s a mobilizer – – he mobilizes people to the mission field.  So he works from home, gets to find creative and cool ways to invite people into mission work, and occasionally gets to go out into the field.  No one could’ve packaged a more perfect position for this particular red head.

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure (and I do mean pleasure) of sitting out in the congregation as Jeffery was given the Sunday morning service to speak about his recent mission trip to Costa Rica.  I’ve heard Jeff speak (sometimes preach, heehee) over the years, but I have never seen him so confident, so mature, so passionate and emphatic, and so knowledgeable as I did on Sunday.  And I’m confident that his time with AIM is only going to continue to get better and that AIM is only going to continue to be used in even more amazing ways for God’s Kingdom.  How awesome to be a part of that.

And as for me, I’m coming up on two years in Christian music at Provident.  No previous work experience in music, no Tennessee-based music business education, and yet after six months at a contracted accounts payable and accounts receivable job, I walked into these doors and am still here.  Doing accounts payable, among other things. I am so blessed to be a part of something that I have seen and heard do amazing works in others’ lives.  And I am so blessed to be in music, something I love.   And I am so blessed to have the co-workers I do, especially in my department.  For those of you who don’t know, today was Administrative Professionals Day.  The other part of my job here is to assist the department, and today I was humbled by being “honored.”  I received a sweet card in which they all sang my praises, and one of the things I was handed was the “key of success”… in chocolate (Even better, right ladies?!).  They are all just as awesome and fantastic and are rockstars themselves.


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