Welp, the weather in Nashville the past few days has been… interesting.  We had beautiful weather last week, but then came tornadoes on Thursday.  Then absolutely beautiful 70 degree weather on Saturday to only have more storms on Sunday afternoon.  Now the high today is 41, and we’re to expect below freezing temperatures tonight and possible snow flurries.  The weather people here in Nashville aren’t joking when they say it might be tempting in Middle Tennessee to start planting early when it’s nice but wait until Easter!  Thank goodness that is Sunday, and hopefully the temperatures will stay up after that.

While I (along with the rest of Nashville) am here pulling back out the winter clothes and fighting off terrible allergies and sinus headaches due to the drastic weather changes, Jeffery is enjoying nothing but the 90s.  90 degrees that is.  Every day this week.  And it looks like nothing but sunshine all week, too…

Yep, as of today, Jeff is on day five of being in Costa Rica and day three of the actual mission trip with the Florida-based youth group.  For those of you who may not know, Jeff is leading a short-term mission trip for AIM in Costa Rica this week, and his friend Saul has went along to help.  Anyway, Saul and Jeff had Thursday and Friday to meet the contacts, familiarize themselves with the surroundings, and determine possible ministry opportunities.  Then the youth group arrived Saturday evening.  So far everything is going really well, and Jeff’s Spanish has come out of hiding as if he’s been speaking it all his life.   Well ok, maybe it’s not that good, but it’s great!  And that’s an answered prayer there, because he was a bit nervous not getting to use it very much these days!

So please remember to pray for Jeff and Saul and the youth group.  They’ll be ministering through Thursday.  They get a day off on Friday to enjoy Costa Rica before leaving at I think 8:00 a.m. on Saturday.  Jeff and Saul are due to land in Nashville at 4:30 p.m.  To see how you can more specifically pray, click here.  And if/when they are able to obtain Internet access (I know there is some, but just getting to it may be tricky), you can more than likely get updates here.  In the mean time, just pray for whatever God lays on your heart, and pray for me, too, as I try to hold down the fort and survive!  No worries, I am fed and even killed a big nasty brown spider all by myself… and without screaming.  That is quite a feet.

And thank you to the ladies (specifically Hannah and the Friday night movie crew) for finding ways to keep me entertained and keeping me busy while the hubby is away.  You’re wonderful… and are becoming quite the great excuse to get me out of starting to pack for our move next month. 🙂