Last weekend, Ash and I had a group of friends over to our apartment to eat pizza and play some games. We haven’t had people over very much since we got married, but that will hopefully change when we move (which is all my wife talks about these days – you’d think we were pregant – but we’re not… definitely NOT…).

Attendees included: our neighbor Joe (who thought he was a half-hour late, but had the wrong time in his head and actually showed up 30 minutes early), Ash’s colleague Zach and his girlfriend Tracie, my old work buddy Adam, and Chris and Colleen (our friends who live down the road that we do not see often enough).

We ordered several Papa John’s pizzas and had the guests bring side dishes, which included soda, green bean casserolle (random, I know, but oh so good), fresh veggies and dip, and the best dang banana pudding you’ve ever tasted (I mean, even God would be impressed with this stuff).

After a few slices of the Italian Meats Trio and more than a healthy amount of liquidous heaven (i.e. the pudding), we let the games begin. We started with a couple rounds of MadGab (click here to play it online, it’s fun), which was more than amusing and then moved into a very LONG game of Balderdash. I love this game, because it’s the only game I know where dishonesty is rewarded and the more complex vocabulary you can use the better. Just make sure you don’t do what Chris did and try to pass off an alternative identity for the Silver Surfer to a couple of comic book geeks.

Joe reigned victorious in Balderdash, coming just ahead of Ashley in the finish line. Before we knew it, it was 10:30, and we were kicking people out of our home, so that we could get a decent night’s sleep before another busy day.

Sunday, we attended church. Ash got a break from playing the bass and had a chance to sing for the first time in awhile. We stayed for the service, but skipped out on Sunday School to drive down to Alabama to see my sister Marissa in the play Holes. It was an interesting choice (it was a movie and popular book) for a theater production, but we love seeing her up on stage no matter what. She’s becoming quite the young actress. After that, we visited my parents for an early supper, played with my baby brother Patrick (who’s not so much of a baby any more), had a nice heart-to-heart with my other sister Nikki, and headed back home to Nashville.

This weekend will be a fairly lax one, which will be a nice respite before I leave town on Sunday for Georgia and Ash has the whole apartment to herself for a few days. I’ll probably bring a few games with me on my trip and try to work something in while I’m away, because… everybody needs to have game nights.