For the past… well I won’t say how long (it’s embarrassing)… I have been borderline obsessed about finding our next “home.”  The apartment we live in is just too small for our life.  We could really use a second bedroom, too, so Jeff could have his own office (since he works from home most days).  On top of that, we’ve had a surprising amount of visitors over the past year, and having a place for them to stay that’s a bit more comfortable wouldn’t hurt.  We want them to keep coming!

So, our current lease is up in May, and I’m a planner.  So what this amounts to is that I am thinking often about how to make this transition work, how much cash we need on hand to do it and how much apartment we can afford while still growing our savings significantly.  I realize that this causes me to take things into my own hands at times (pray from me, I’m trying to do better!), and I have to constantly work at myself to walk away.  But I am prepared, and at any moment I can tell Jeff what he needs to know about our finances. 

Anyway, Jeff gave us the green light to start actually visiting some places on Saturday.  March was close enough that it wouldn’t be too ridiculous to start looking, and in fact, many places are starting to show spaces not available until May.  We really like the corner of Nashville we live in – – convenient to everything – – but we are also tempted to move a bit closer to my work and church.  Our dream (or maybe just mine) would be to find an affordable house to rent in our current neighborhood, so we wouldn’t have noisy neighbors living on all sides of us and have our own yard. If that didn’t work, we did have a few apartments in mine closer to work and church.

So, Saturday we started out on our adventure to look at a few of these apartments.  But what we thought would just be a looking day turned out to be an applying day, because we found an apartment!  With the specials this place was running along with comparing it to other places we were considering, it just seemed obvious that this was it!  So, the money due upfront to apply (not much, considering application and administration fees as well as deposits due at other places) plus the amount of apartment we’re getting for the “minimal” rent we’ll be paying is unbelievable to us.  Thank you, God, for answered prayers and the blessings!  We’ll have so much more space, a great location (yes, closer to work and church) and all kinds of room for you to come visit us.  So come!  But after May 15th, of course.  In fact… if you could wait until closer to June, to give us time to move and settle, that’d be great.

We can’t wait to have you!  Wednesday night church group, that means you, too!

This is a mirror image of our exact apartment!

This is a mirror image of our exact apartment!