It finally came!  After much anticipation, the Wizard of Oz blew into the TPAC, and now it’s gone.


For Christmas (and his birthday), we got my dad tickets to see Wizard of Oz onstage at the TPAC here in Nashville.  I’m not sure how I made this discovery, but it was months before the tickets even went on sale.  And I waited and waited to get the best seats I could.   Because not only was this my dad’s favorite movie, thus making this a great gift, but I, myself, was very much looking forward to seeing this.

So Dad got his ticket for Christmas, it was all he could talk about, and on Friday, January 16th, my whole family plus one drove into Nashville.  We all loved it!  Personally, I was so impressed with the music and dancing, and I loved how they used the screen for the backdrops and another for the tornado.

The family stayed until Sunday morning.  Friday, before the play, we ate pizzas at the apartment and celebrated Dad’s birthday early with some yummy cake from Coldstone, Peanut Butter Playground.  Saturday we took everyone to the Opryland Hotel.  We left before supper and headed back to the apartment for leftover pizza and hours (literally) of DDR competition.  Thanks to the parents for that Christmas gift!  And everyone got into the action, and I mean everyone…

Then last weekend, on Saturday, we headed to Alabama to celebrate Jeff’s mom’s birthday.  We gave her presents, ran downtown to eat lunch at the Chicago Cafe (always good) and then headed back to the house.  Jeff’s parents and I watched FIREPROOF while Jeff and Patrick played for hours.  It was a great visit.