I’m sorry folks, but it is true.  We love our Nashville home, don’t get us wrong.  And we don’t wish we lived there versus here… but we really did enjoy the live music in Memphis.  Blues is so much better than country. 

Anyway, the only way we learned that is because we were in Memphis celebrating our ONE-YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!  Yep, we made it one year.  Nothing but smooth sailing now, right? 

So…  in honor of our first anniversary ever, we decided to disappear for the weekend.  And I think we did it quite successfully – – no cell phones and no computers. 

We headed out West Saturday morning and rolled into town with Graceland as our first stop.  One of our first thoughts:  It’s not as big as we’d imagined.  The thought that we left with:  This man is honestly quite talented and a good man.  I enjoyed the visit and would recommend it to anyone.

Jeff was in charge of dinner reservations, and Saturday night he made reservations at The Majestic Grille.  It was a trendy little place on Main that had some good burgers and bbq.  Those particular items were pretty reasonably priced as well.  Definitely a place I’d recommend.  We followed dinner with a walk down Main and Beale and a little listening over at Wet Willies (yes, no joke), where an awesome band was playing.  Our only regret was that we didn’t get to hear more of them.

I was in charge of the hotel, and I picked the Hyatt Place.  Not only did I get a great deal on the price, but I thought these hotels looked pretty snazzy and wanted to see for myself.  We really liked the hotel’s vibe.  I loved the bed (although Jeff didn’t sleep too well), but we don’t recommend the food.  It’s not bad, just nothing special.

Sunday we stayed in, enjoyed our surroundings, caught a couple movies on the TV, then exchanged gifts before heading out for the evening.  With the help of our friend and our wedding photographer, I gave Jeff a picture of us with parts of my vows on it in a pretty cool frame.  The whole thing turned out awesome, if I say so myself.  And Jeff seems to love it.  We both had a laugh after realizing that the card he gave me says practically the same thing as the frame I gave him.  Another reason why we’re perfect for each other!  heehee  Oh, and he totally surprised the heck out of me by getting me diamond earrings.  This boy is on the road to spoiling me!

Before dinner, we took a detour to The Peabody to see the ducks.  How comical.  It’s nothing spectacular, but you’ve got to see it if you get a chance.  And Sunday night Jeff did excellent (of course) on the dinner selection as well.  Next door to The Peabody was Texas de Brazil.  The food was insanely good.  You start off by eating off their salad bar, which is much more than salad – – there’s also a variety of olives, cheeses, meats and all kinds of yummy.  When you’re ready, you flip your little card over on the table to green and out comes the parade of meats.  However much, whatever kind you want.  And they even brought out well-done meat for me!  We tasted filet minion, steak, Brazilian sausage, lamb, parmesan chicken and pork.  And with the meats you get mashed potatoes and fried bananas.  I have never had so much delicious red meat before in my life.  Delicious!

Before heading back to the hotel for the night, we went to BB Kings to check out their music, and once again we were pleased.  Live music is so much fun for us.  Good live music, that is.  And when there’s old men cutting a rug in cowboy hats and red suspenders, well that’s just added entertainment right there.

So thank you to everyone who wished us well and have celebrated life with us, whether daily, at the wedding or in between, before and after.  And thank you to my husband for giving me a reason to celebrate January 12th and steal away to Memphis for a very special and thoughtful weekend.