Welp, Merry Christmas everyone (I know, it’s really time for Happy New Year… we’re a bit behind on the blogging…).  Our first Christmas together was really nice.  Because of family and traveling, we celebrated on Christmas Eve Eve – – i.e. Tuesday, December 23rd.

xmas-tree  stockings

We both worked, then I rushed home to prepare a “home-cooked meal” of pork, green beans and mashed potatoes.  We then opened up our stockings.  Even though we think they’re quite cute, we both discovered they are a bit small for the goods.  Unless, of course, you’re like Jeff, in which case a whole bag of miniature Snickers dumped inside my stocking works just fine.  I won’t tell you what very festive items Jeff found in his stocking, though… except for the beef jerky “Santa” put in his stocking.  Riiiiight, because he’s twenty-five and believes in Santa.  All I know is I didn’t put it in there.  Maybe “Santa” will just happen to put diamond earrings in my stocking next year.


Jeff then opened his present first.  He had no idea.  I mean, he could tell it was a frame, but he had no idea I stole the sketch back in October to have the frame custom made.  You see, this is a sketch of Jeff and his best bud, Dustin, from when they worked at Camp Balcones Springs many many years ago.  He’d always wanted to frame it (it’s an odd size, so no ordinary frame would do), and so I took the opportunity to steal it out of the house and do it for him.  I was sure it was one gift he’d never give himself. After all, it’d been wrapped up for years already.  So when we move and he gets his own office (aka the second bedroom), this beauty will finally have a home.


Then I opened my gift.  I’d been dropping hints for months about certain types of jewelry I’d like, but I never expected him to actually get me jewelry.  And I never expected to get what I did . Jeff picked up a beautiful ruby necklace from our favorite – – Shane Co.  These guys lived up to our expectations, too, because not five minutes after I’d had it on, the chain broke.  But they replaced it no problem, and now this beauty has been on my neck ever sense. 

The best part about all this, though, wasn’t the “perfect” present or the delicious stocking stuffers (wherever they came from), but the joy of celebrating together and the experience of “firsts” of “many more to come” and begining new traditions of our own.