March 2008 - He's got hair like his daddy!

So, third winter in Nashville.  Up until now, it has been a noticeable difference from winter in Illinois.  I can remember my first winter here, walking from my car into work in a dress shirt with no coat.  I can remember giggling and taking note, realizing that this would be impossible and down right silly to do back home.  I remember it wasn’t until late January, maybe February, before it felt like winter just a bit.  Last year, it was March (which would technically by this year) before there was a snowfall worth talking about that allowed us to make a snowman, even if only for a few hours.

But we’re up to what, four snowfalls now?  Ok, a couple flurry days and then one major snowfall.

Let me tell you a bit about last week and the perfect timing this snowfall had.  Jeff was in Georgia for one last visit for the year, to pick up his new computer and have lots and lots of meetings.  Every time Jeff leaves (I think), at some point I’m on the phone to him upset about something that has “fallen apart” here, and I secretly blame it on him for leaving.  But he likes to think my world falls apart anyway when he is not here to hold it together (whatever makes you feel manly, babe).


Last week was a crazy busy week at work.  On top of doing my regular work load for the week, we had two (three actually, but one got moved due to the snowfall) major events at work.  One was our Christmas party on Tuesday, which was fun and very entertaining (I even got my picture taken with a cow), but that was several hours of my day that I would normally spend on normal work stuff.  The other was our time spent on Wednesday working with Feed My Starving Children, where Provident, Word, EMI CMG (the three that bring you WOW hits) and Belmont University came together to bag food to feed starving children in Thailand.  It was amazing, and we surpassed our goal for the day of packing over 400,00 meals! 

So, I was exhausted.  Lots of running around, lots of cramming.  And on top of that, my allergies weren’t cooperating either (what’s new?).  I came home on Wednesday, tired and not feeling the greatest, and there was a note from our apartment place telling us our patio is out of code.  Say what?  Apparently, they didn’t like our motorcyle cover on top of our bikes, protecting them from rust.  The note called it trash, literally.  So, this was my breaking point, once again frustrated with this place.  I started crying, and Jeff asked “Are you crying?”  I pathetically answered yes, and then he asked why.  “I’m just tired, don’t feel good, and I need to go to bed!” I said.

Yes, pathetic, but I was exhausted and sick.  But my knight in shining armor rescued me and called the office.  Once they knew it was bikes, they were totally fine with it.  My question is, why didn’t they ask or just lift up the tarp just a bit? In fact, if you look at it carefully enough, it even looks like two bikes.  Anyway…

So by Wednesday night I was ready to move, once again tired of all the drama.  Then Thursday morning I got stuck in traffic for two and one-half hours trying to go fifteen miles to work.  Once I got over the frustration and realized I could do nothing, I thought it was amusing considering how the night before I was wanting to move, and now even more so, especially closer to work.

I got to work at 10:15 and worked until 6:15, only to get stuck in traffic because of the dumping of snow in Nashville.  Yep, this is the snowfall I’ve been eluding to.  But, it’s a good thing snow makes me feel good on the inside, otherwise my last nerve would have been long gone.  And on top of that, I was so tired to the point of amused, that it was just a great night enjoying the beautiful snow.


Morning after snowfall.


Usually, when Jeff is away on work, he misses out on me attempting to clean the house and maybe one funny story.  This time it seems like he missed out on months worth of “entertainment.”  Oh lucky him.


 ******  ******


So, it’s now cold.  It’s winter here, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere (except for Friday, when it’s supposed to be 60 – – this is why I’m sick all the time!).  But that’s ok.  It makes it feel even more like Christmas!

And speaking of, Jeff and I wrapped presents this weekend and enjoyed downtown Franklin’s Dickens of a Christmas festival, where we road in a horse-drawn carriage.  And we cannot forget the surprise birthday party we attended on Saturday for our wedding photographer friend, Zach.  Jody (the wife) threw a great party and pulled out all the stops for her hubby’s big 3-0.  And we were so glad to share a part in that and celebrate with them.  What great friends.  Happy birthday to Zach, again, and we hope you enjoy all those iced cappuccinos with whipped cream, cinnamon and neon bendy straws!


Jody and Zach Gray