I love the Grinch (the blog title comes from a song in the movie), and I love Christmas.  I love giving gifts.  It is my personal mission each time to find the perfect gift.  Once I do, I am giddy excited.  It’s ridiculous, really.  But I love it.  And it “burns a whole in my pocket” (yes men, I guess I can relate) until I am able to give it.  But when I can’t come up with the perfect gift, I can become frustrated.  My parents are the worst for me, usually, because it’s hard for me to find the prefect thing.  But not this year, especially my dad.  In fact, I’ve been sitting on several good presents this year (including Jeff’s one-year wedding anniversary gift – – hey, it’s only 18 days after Christmas), and so I am very antsy for the holiday (and anniversary) to get here so I can give already!  I told Jeff once I “retire” from my real job, I think I’ll become a professional gift buyer for others… yep, pretty sure it won’t work like that though.

Anyway, not a whole lot happened last week.  Friday night we went to Olive Garden, a favorite.  Saturday we took pictures for our Christmas cards and letter (thank you Joe for the photography skills!), and then Jeff and Joe tried out this new Wii  game I brought home from Target the other day – – Looney Tunes:  Acme ArsenalIt was totally an impulse buy – – $15 at the checkout line.

Sunday we had church, had a delicious fellowship meal afterwards (we do this on the first Sunday of every month, so come join us!), and then I napped for an hour… or so… while Jeff did some of his own Christmas shopping.  Then that night we enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia:  Prince Caspian on DVD.  It’s about time, and of course it’s awesome!  Now I just want to know which Narnia book will be next!

In other news, I’ve been reading this book I picked up at a book reading/signing, Cold Tangerines, and I’m more than halfway through it.  And it’s really good.  Some stuff is heavy and other stuff is just down right humorous.  But it all relates to everyday life and especially to women (but men could totally read this book!).  You should go get you a copy.  Really.  Or just ask Santa to slip it in your stocking for Christmas.