Welp, winter has arrived in Nashville.  This is my third “winter” in town, but it’s definitely the first that actually feels like winter.  We’ve already had two snow flurry situations, and one lasted an entire day!  Wednesday night is supposed to make number three.  Sure, now that I’ve been spoiled by warmer winters, it pulls this on me…

This past week was a wonderful week!  My brother and lady friend came down Monday night and stayed until Wednesday morning.  Jeff and I took off Tuesday to show them the wonder that is our home.  We had lunch at Mellow Mushroom, walked around downtown Franklin, took I-65 North to downtown Nashville, perused the 2nd and Broadway area (which is completely different at two o’clock in the afternoon than eight o’clock in the evening), then let I-40 East take us on to Opry. 

At Opry we enjoyed Ice!, which is How the Grinch Stole Christmas told by life-sized ice sculptures, and it was so cool.  No pun intended! The building is kept at nine degrees to keep the story going.  While at Opry, we also toured the beautiful inside of Opryland Hotel, which was all done up in its holiday attire.  We enjoyed delicious hamburgers from Stax Burgers and then finished the evening at home watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey style) and Elf.  It was so great, and I’m so glad that they came.  Hopefully next time we’ll do stuff more to Ahron’s liking and he’ll be feeling better! I’ll let the pictures below fill in the details of our adventures.

jeffahron  icecreamshop

grinchentrance  whoville

whostar  whofeast

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we headed down to Florence, Alabama, to see Jeff’s family.  We ate a delicious, traditional meal and also spent some time talking and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a movie. 

Friday we had our own family time, and we put up our first “tree”!  Pics to come of that later, but below is Jeff with his 2008 ornaments.  My mom had a tradition of giving us kids ornaments every year on Thanksgiving.  This way, when we were older and had our own place, we’d have ornaments for a tree.  So obviously our “tree” is currently overan by Mikey Mouse (because what other kind of ornament would I get??), so I started the tradition with Jeffery so he’d have ornaments of his own liking and hope to continue this on with our kids, too, many many MANY moons from now.  Like thousands of moons from now.


Jeff with a "First Christmas" and Wild Things (his FAVORITE book) ornament.

Saturday we attended a wedding at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel, where the evening ceremony was outside in a tent and the beautiful reception was on the 10th floor in the Crown Ballroom.  What an amazing view of the skyline from there!  We had fun, socializing with many from our church family and cutting a rug before turning in early for the night.  These people from our church make up part of our family away from family here in Nashville.  It was so great to spend extra time with them this past week!

usstatcieswed2  usstacieswed1

We also spent lots of time resting this past weekend and happened to catch Bolt in Disney Digital 3D!  Such a cute movie.  Highly recommend it, even if you can’t catch it in 3D – – I doubt it makes that much difference in the enjoyment factor anyway.  And we ended the week by having lunch at Chili’s after church on Sunday with Pastor Ron and wife Beth and friend Vince and wife Sharon and daughter Lauren.  Acutally, they’re all our friends (ok, bad joke), but what a great way to end a week… actually I guess it’d be a great way to start a week.  Even better!