Unfortunately, that was the case last week…

Last Thursday we spent the evening with the Grays.  The Grays are the wonderful photographers that we visited the previous weekend at their studio warming party.  Thursday night they had us over for home made potato soup and brownie-mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.  We came with salad and sparkling grape juice (apparently a Zach favorite!) in hand.  It was a great meal!

We had great dinner conversation and just a really good time of catching up.  We then proceeded to play Cranium. Guys vs Girls.  We, the girls, totally had them, but for some odd reason we lost.  It seems that their “cameo” abilities out did our psychic “cloodle” abilities.  So close.

What a great time.  We love you guys!

Friday Jeff spent the whole day at the Youth Specialties Conference here in town.  AIM had a booth, and Jeff’s boss, Seth, was doing some seminars or something like that.  While Jeff was gone, I headed to downtown Franklin with another work friend to a fun girls’ night.  Her church was hosting a book reading/signing for author Shauna Niequist.  Her new book, Cold Tangerines, is a compilation of essays about life.  She is so funny and has such great perspective.  I’m so glad I was there to hear her read a few of the essays, because they are even funnier live.  I highly recommend the book (I’m only starting, but knowing it’s going to be great!) to anyone out there wanting to find humor and lessons out of every day life.  This book is especially wonderful for that special lady in your life.

Saturday we prepared the apartment for the arrival of my brother and his “friend” this week, and then headed to a disappointing movie.  Yes, we went to see Twilight.  Yes, the books are silly books written for crazed girlie teenagers, but the story is really sweet.  And the book had great guts to make an awesome action movie.  But, the director didn’t see it that way apparently… or at least not the way I thought it should’ve been seen.  There were a bunch of girls at work that read it, and I’ve talked to some who also share in my disappointment – – maybe we should all apply to direct the next one together.  I bet we could do a better job.

Sunday brought church, which we had in a beautiful old chapel and had a wonderful Thanksgiving service.  Everyone there offered thanks to God for what He had done this year, and it was so wonderful to be a part of that and celebrate with everyone.

Then Jeff spent the afternoon back at the conference while I cleaned some more.  Then we patiently waited for the brother to get here on Monday.  We took Tuesday off from work to show them the sights – – that included Opry in all it’s Christmas-decor glory.  Hooray!  That blog to come next…

Happy Thanksgiving Week to you all.

*Jeff’s take on the Thursday night adventure…