So this post promises to be a short one, but that’s ok.  Gives your eyes a break, and it’s good to not have a jammed-packed calendar all the time.

The last two Sundays we’ve been having afternoon praise band practices.  It’s been fun learning some new songs, spending time together playing and working out some kinks.  Oh how we love music…

We’ve been doing Monday night Bible study at Community Bible Study.  We’re dab smack in the middle of Isaiah.  Seems kind of fitting, considering the current state our country is in. 

On Friday we saw Quantum of Solace.   It was pretty good.  I think the previous one had a better story line, but this one was still good.  If only the camera shots weren’t so quick during action scenes!  We both left asking ourselves:  would we ever be thirsty enough to drink a can of motor oil?… um, I’m thinking NO!

Oh, and let’s not forget gas has broke the $2.00 mark!

Saturday we relaxed all morning, picked up a bit that afternoon and then headed to the mall to enjoy some sales.  My hubby is looking pretty darn good, if you ask me!

And this brings us back to Sunday.  We headed to church, then band practice and then had the pleasure of celebrating with dear friends who were having a studio warming party.  Zach and Jody Gray are pretty amazing wedding photographers in Nashville and have their own business called Gray Photography.  They are awesome people and awesome photographers.  So added bonus there!  Jody used to work with me at Provident, but fortunately their business is doing so wonderfully that she has been doing photography full time since October with her hubby!  If you ever need a photographer, these are your people.  And they travel, too!  I don’t know if that’s good news for you, or for them.

So we hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather and holiday season.  This next week proves to be a great one for us.  We’re having our annual Thanksgiving service at church, where we’ll give thanks for things God has done for us this past year.  And we’ll see parts of both our families next week as well!  Exciting stuff!