Jeff and I just realized that we will be celebrating our first anniversary EVER two months from now.  Holy cow.  Anyway, here’s how our October went down…

fry cards

Columbus Day weekend was spent with my family in Illinois, where we heard my brother preach twice, saw friends at our college’s homecoming and played lots of games at home.

Jeff spent a week in Georgia, visiting AIM during a World Race training camp.  This group of people will launch in January.  As usual, it was a great trip.

drive in

When he came back, we went to the drive in, saw some kiddie movies, froze our tails off, ate “fair food” and just really enjoyed each other.  That same weekend we also attended, for the first time, a “harvest party.”  The highlight was a chili cook off (I think there were five kinds?), and Jeff decided to vote.  That meant he had to try them all.  Boy, was he regretting that decision the next day…


Then came Halloween, which we carved pumpkins for.  We also prepared for gobs and gobs of action heroes and Disney characters to show up at our door… but they didn’t.  So we enjoyed our holiday movies, Halloween sugar cookies and extra candy all by ourselves.  Bring on the next holiday!