I LOVE this time of year!  Ok, maybe that needs to be a bit exclusive.  I prefer the warm, sunny days of spring and summer (not counting the Nashville hot Augusts).  But I love fall because it looks pretty, when there’s no drought depriving us of seeing the leaves change colors, and I love all the holidays, which pose as excuses to decorate over and over and make for easy “themes” to exciting evenings and parties.


So, Halloween!  In preparation for Halloween, we carved our pumpkins.  We also bought two mini-pumpkins (Jeff thought they were cute) and drew faces on those.  Halloween came, we set everything outside, put candles in our Jack-O-Lanterns and waited for the kids… all six of them to stop by.  In anticipation of the festivities, I bought the Charlie Brown holiday collection.  We started off the night with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and finished off the night with Hocus Pocus.  Maybe it was because I never watched much Charlie Brown as a kid or that I was too young to appreciate it, but there is some good music in those cartoons!

halloween candy

Another item on the agenda was to make Halloween-shaped sugar cookies and decorate them with orange frosting and sprinkles… but we were unaware that the dough needed to be a bit of a different consistency to be thick enough to use cookie cutters.  So we just had round cookies, instead.  They weren’t too bad.  Between that and all the leftover candy, we had quite the sugar rush all weekend.

The rest of the weekend included resting and spending time together.  We spent part of Saturday in downtown Franklin working on a secret Christmas project (which one of you thinks it’s for you?!) that is actually going to turn out better than I expected!  Jeff is such a great husband, so supportive of myfranklin monument crazy ideas, and usually ends up quite excited and happy to be involved.  I’m so lucky!

Because we were downtown Franklin, we got to eat at one of my favorite places – – Mellow Mushroom! (If you’ve never ate at one of these, and you love good pizza and hummus, and you come to visit and we don’t take you there, you have my permission to be mad at us!)  And then we did the unthinkable… we went to see High School Musical 3.  Yes, curiosity got the best of us, but it wasn’t too bad.  The music and dancing was pretty good.  If you can sit through Grease, you can sit through this. 

So, now we (ok, maybe just me) eagerly await the rest of the holiday season and for our chances to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  And I “patiently” wait until Thanksgiving, when I’m finally allowed to break out the Christmas decorations and the “tree.”