There was an echo in the room that night. 

It all started when I saw the top of a pineapple sitting in a bowl full of water.  Dad declared that he could grow a new pineapple that way.  I laughed in amusement… and disbelief.  He swore he’d done it once before.  I’d believe it when, no if,  I ever saw it.

Hours later, still pondering it, I tried to come up with every proof imaginable that this would not work.  And that my dad, like usual, was being silly.  

My final point came out during a card game:  “Pineapples grow on trees!”

My loving husband looked at me with his are you serious? look and then said, rather loudly: “uh… maybe you’re thinking of a coconut.”

Hmm… maybe I was.

Then, another voice, very innocent (as if she hadn’t heard what had just been said) and a lot less moching and less obvious, almost whispered: “maybe you’re thinking of a coconut.”

Oh, if only I knew the inside of my head as well as others did. It would save me from many ridiculous and down right ignorant moments.  And if only the husband could be a bit more discrete like the second voice – – I could’ve, maybe, passed through this moment without so much attention upon me.  Ok ok… maybe not.  But at least I wasn’t the only one they were laughing at.  After all, the echo was pretty entertaining, too. 

*********        *********

So Columbus Day weekend (that’s Monday, October 13, for those of you who did not get that day off) was spent in Illinois.  We went up to spend time with the fam and lucked out that it was IC Homecoming Weekend, so we saw a few friends, too.

Even better, my brother ended up preaching on Sunday.  He’s all grown up, quite good at the preaching thing, and it is disgusting how much everyone thinks he’s so cute.  He’s always been the one the ladies (even the older ones!) croon over… but the entire church laughed at all of his little jokes.  No one else would get that response, I’m confident (Dad would come in a close second).  If only we all had as good of looks and as blue of eyes…

Seriously, though, it was a great weekend!  Jeff and I, just the two of us (yikes!), led worship that morning.  What an experience.  Jeff played guitar, and I sang. I’ve been part of a worship team/band for years, but this was the most broken down set, and the first time I’ve ever had to be out front and lead.  No hiding behind a piano, a guitar, or having other voices sing with me.  But it’s so awesome though to be able to do stuff like that with your spouse;  Jeff is so talented and such a sport!

Anyway, we got up to Illinois Friday night, crashed a movie party Ahron and a few of the youth were having, spent part of Saturday in Jacksonville with several of our IC friends, and that night we headed back to Pittsfield and Ahron, Kathy, Jeff, the parents and I had an intense game of Rummy.  Actually… the better adjective might be sad.  It was just pathetic – – I was trying to “win” by loosing the most.  Ok, so maybe it was just me who had the pathetic game.  Oh, and as proof that the cliches are just as bad as they can be… yes my parents own a McDonald’s, and yes we do have McDonald’s playing cards (several different kinds through out the years, actually, but these are the worst).  But no, we did not play the whole game with them.  Just one hand… mainly to amuse the Dad.

Sunday morning was church, of course, and then Sunday night we rocked out with Ahron, drummer Maurice (a fellow IC alum) and singer/pianist Carrie (one of Ahron’s youth) at Sunday night youth.  I schooled the kids in a dance off.  They didn’t even see it coming – – an old fogie like me busting out a break dance.  Maurice was great competition, too.  He should’ve schooled me actually, but I think he might have been preoccupied with the broken bass drum pedal he was still holding in his hand (don’t ask).  Glad we could entertain the kids. 

Ahron giving a message at Sunday Night.

Maurice getting some love from Jeff and the youth.

Ahron delivered another great message, and it’s just so neat to see the youth group getting started up again and doing so well.  It’s crazy for me to think of Ahron, who went through the youth group just like I did and grew up in this church, now being the Youth Pastor and now the Associate Pastor.  Yes, I’m a  proud sister.  And to think, he used to not have any “r’s” or “th’s” in his language… yep I got blamed for that as a kid, too.  Big sister, trying to take care of the little one and meet his every need, and all I get is the blame for the reason why the kid didn’t learn how to use his words ’til he went to school!  And now he’s a “speaker” for living!

Back to “present day”… Monday brought lunch at the new Mexican restaurant in town and goodbyes before Jeff and I hit the road and drove into the sunset.  It was such a great weekend and will probably produce one of the best pictures of Jeff of all times.  Ok, maybe not.  He’s got some great ones:  diapers (not at age two, try… hmm, 22?), leotards, mullets… but Jeff cooking in a Mickey apron (souvenir from the parents’ trip to FL in Sept) has got to make the top ten.  Thanks Mom and Dad for that!  Hopefully we’ll get that taken care of soon.  He hasn’t had a chance to “try it on” yet…

Oh, I just had a great idea for a blog… “The Many Looks of Jeffery…”