Seriously, am I writing a recap of September already?  … wow…

We started the month where the last left off, in OKC with our friends.  Getting away, even for just a long weekend, is so wonderful and refreshing.

We decided to join Community Bible Study, and the fall semester kicked off this month.  We are studying Amos and Isaiah.

Our friends from Minnesota (CTI), Dan and Emma, swung by on their way to Florida, where they’re checking out a music school.  It was great to have them, even for just a short visit.  Emma totally got the money shot of our mattress taking up the entire living room… and it’s not because the mattress is so big.  It’s because the living room is so small!  We treated them to downtown Franklin (Mellow Mushroom = Yummy!!) and a car tour of downtown Nashville.  Hopefully they’ll “have” to make another pit stop on their way back up over the holidays.


And of course, there was this whole thing with Nashville “running out of gas.”

We finally got to have a yard sale and took our profits and joined the YMCA.  We love the Y and actually look forward to going almost every day.

Thanks to our awesome friends from church, we got to see Jars of Clay, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Switchfoot and Third Day V.I.P. style in a suite at the Sommet Center.  What a great show and a great time!


We also got to host Marissa, Jeff’s little sister, for the weekend.  We took her to see Provident’s latest film, FIREPROOF (go see it!) on opening night, spent the afternoon at Opry Mills Mall and took her back to Alabama on Sunday, only after heading to church and enjoying some Taco Bell for lunch.  We love you Riss!  You can come stay with us anytime you’d like!

We spent the last day of the month on a spontaneous date night, where I took Jeff bowling at the bowling alley by our place.  My advice (to those who live around here) is to never go before 9PM – – the “pro bowlers” are such downers.  Usually bowling is quite the “art” for Jeff, and I tend to not take it so seriously.  However, we conformed to the rigid atmosphere, minded our p’s and q’s, played “normally” and each walked away with a win.   So much for trying to get the worst score, bowling granny style, taking cheap shots by grabbing the ball while the other is trying to “wind up” and using flash photography.


Now we jump into October with beautiful fall-like weather all around us and wait to see what exciting adventures will come our way.