This post has nothing to do with weddings.  It does have everything to do with two couples who are good friends and got married in the month of January, though.  Two different years of course… and a week apart.  Anyway… 

Meet Dustin and Kristen Damery. 

Jeff and Dustin have been best friends since college.  The Damerys live in Oklahoma City and have been married since January 6, 2007.  That was the last time Jeff and I had been to OKC.  In fact, other than Jeff’s 24th birthday that March, when they surprised Jeff and showed up at the Nashville Zoo, and our wedding on January 12, 2008, we haven’t really had the opportunity to see these two.  So when I had an extra long weekend from work because of Labor Day, we hopped on a plane and headed out West.

The office closed at noon on Friday, so a 3:00 PM flight had our name all over it.  The unfortunate thing:  we had a two-hour layover in Dallas.  So we were “supposed” to be in OKC at 8:00 PM.  But traveling isn’t usually that easy, is it?  As we were taxiing out to the runway to take off at Nashville, we were intercepted by the dudes in the towers, because there were storms in Dallas.  Fortunately, the wait wasn’t even a half hour, and we landed in Dallas just 15 minutes late.  Of course, all flights going out of Dallas were delayed a half hour, too, so we still had the two-hour layover.   Have no fear, we are more than capable of entertaining ourselves… 

Mad libs and Cherry Lime Slushie at TGIF’s.  Highly recommend both! 


When we finally arrived in OKC at 8:30, the Damerys warmly welcomed us and took us to a yummy Irish pub for supper.  We then headed back to their beautiful house and caught up.

Saturday morning started out great with a trip to the OKC Museum of Art, where there was a beautiful glass display (which we could take pictures of) and a two-floor Rome exhibit from THE LOUVRE(what we couldn’t take pictures of)!  How cool and what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  



We obviously take art very seriously.

Lunch brought us to Bricktown, a really neat part of OKC, and a place called Earl’s (yummy BBQ), and then we took the time to walk around Bricktown.  There’s a little river in the middle.  How fun! 


After all the walking and hotness, we went home to rest and prepare for dinner – – sushi.  Jeff and the Damerys love sushi. I eat sushi (nothing raw or with fish!) so Jeff has someone to eat it with… but I usually only make it through two or three pieces before the seaweed puts my gag reflex in overdrive.  But, apparently that’s just home made and Publix sushi.  Because let me tell ya, Sushi Neko sushi… wow.  I ate this roll called The Grasshopper (avocado, asparagus, cream cheese and crab) and it was so tasty.  That I could eat willingly.  And check it out… I even ate some of this orange stuff, a.k.a. Masago… A.K.A. CAVIAR!  I’ll pass on that next time.

During the downpour that evening that OKC was experiencing, we stopped by a RedBox and rented Smart People and curled up on the couch.  You’ll have to ask someone who didn’t fall asleep within the first 15 minutes if it was any good… I couldn’t tell you.

Sunday, we went to church at Life Church, had an early lunch at a yummy coffee shop and then went to the house for another siesta.  Afternoon brought “man” time at the YMCA while us girls hit the mall.  We got back home in time to enjoy burgers, chips with homemade guacamole (a fav!) and triple chunk brownies (a must!).  The night was completed with an incredibly intense game of Phase 10.  I stress incredibly… but no worries, we’re all still friends!

Before our flight home Monday afternoon, Kristen (Kristen is from OKC) gave us a personally guided tour of the Bombing Memorial.  It was surreal enough to see the memorial anyway, but even more so to have someone there who remembers the day and knows so much.  We also made a pit stop at the Botanical Gardens (where the first pic in the blog was taken) before leaving on a jet plane. 



Thank you to great friends and great hosts.  We love you guys and miss you dearly!

More pics and better descriptions (especially from the Bombing Memorial) and Jeff’s take on the weekend.