What a title, eh?  It’s almost too much goodness compressed into a single line.  So, because we are so stoked about all that is happening, let me start at the end and work my way back through our activities to last weekend, instead of going the other way around.

Wes and Laura Blaylock of Deas Vail.

So, here’s the big stuff.  Monday night was the back to school bash at Trevecca Nazarene University here in Nashville.  And a man by the name of Jon Foreman, as well as a new band called Deas Veil, played.  I’d found the concert randomly a couple weeks ago, and passed the link on to Jeff, feeling pretty sure that he’d want to go.  As soon as tickets went on sale, he snatched up four.  He invited our friend Joe from CTI who just moved down here and lives across the grass and parking lot from us (literally), and we took a good friend from church, Vince.

About a week ago, I was in the living room reading or something, and Jeff was in the other room on his computer.  Out of nowhere, he screamed my name as loud as possible with as much emotion as anyone could muster.  I thought he’d cut his hand off or something.  How you can do that while being on the computer, I had no idea.  But when your name is screamed like mine was, millions of thoughts run through your head and you try to prepare yourself for the worst.

But when I walked in, Jeff’s eyes were huge and he was frantically beckoning me to the computer. Opened, on his screen, was an email from a Trevecca rep saying that we had won the opportunity to attend the meet and greet with Jon Foreman and Deas Veil!  So, Monday night we went to the concert and to the meet and greet.  We ended up talking the most to Andy, Deas Vail’s guitar player.  What a great guy.  And to add to his greatness, he filled us in on an exciting event coming soon…

HOUSE OF HEROES IS HAVING THEIR CD RELEASE PARTY IN NASHVILLE ON SEPT 17TH! Ah!  And what’s icing on the cake is that Deas Vail is going to be there too!

House of Heroes with Flat Stanley!

Man, Jeff and I LOVE House of Heroes.  We were introduced to them our senior year of college at a little festival called Agape Fest, a Christian music festival put on by Greenville College.  Being from Illinois, we’ve been freqeunters of Agape.  House of Heroes was this band we knew nothing about but fell in love with as soon as we heard them play.  At the time, there were just three guys standing on the stage and all kinds of awesome music coming out of the speakers.  After that, they seemed to kind of fall of the face of the earth for a little bit.  Even when I made a return visit to Agape (without Jeff) the year after college, they were on the line up, but we were told they backed out.  What a sad day it was for me… until I was standing there in the dusk, waiting for a band to come on stage, when I recognized House of Heroes standing there!  Sa-weet.  Even though they didn’t have any new music, I was just glad to hear them again.  Jeff nor I made it to Agape the year after that (2007), but we did make it back this year (which is when we first heard of Deas Veil).  And guess who was there!   Flat Stanley even got to meet them this time (see who else Flat Stanley met at Agape 2008 and GMA Week)!  And they proceeded to tell us that they did have an album coming out this fall (finally!) but just didn’t know when.  So happy day, and added bonus, at the meet and greet on Monday when Andy told us the album was coming out in like two weeks!

Anyway, so on to the concert.  Deas Vail is SOOOO amazing live.  Their music is so great.  Their first album, All the Houses Look the Same, is somewhat piano rock (which I love, being a pianist myself) and is just so full.  It’s one of those albums that you question, just a little bit, if the songs can be pulled off as good live.  Have no fear, because Deas Vail sure can.  Personally, I think they sounded better live, if that’s even possible.

Jon Foreman

And of course, there was Jon Foreman.   Enough said.  He did a couple Switchfoot songs (Dare You to Move and Only Hope among them), but his set was almost entirely comprised of his EP stuff.  It was him, his cellist Keith, and a percussionist Aaron (I can’t remember his last name!).  This percussionist, wow.  This guy produced so much sound with just his bare hands, a couple drums and brushes!  All I can say is they should bottle up the show and sell it for the big bucks.  It’d totally be worth it.  Even Jon’s country songs (and I despise country) are very amusing and totally worth listening to over and over. 



Anyway, as for other things that have happened (not like you really care at this point), Jeff planned a wonderful surprise date night for us Friday night in which we had appetizers at Centennial Park (a must-see if you are ever in Nashville), “dinner” at Cabanas (fyi:  the lobster mac & cheese is not a meal in and of itself, even if it is $10.99), and then yummy chocolate dessert and flowers and FuFu Berry Jones soda(one of my favorites!) were waiting for us when we got home.  And Saturday we spent some time at Provident’s company picnic at the Nashville Sounds game, where Brandon Heath played a show beforehand.  Sunday we had our first church service in the new building, Centennial High School, and it was different but will be a great change!  In all, it was just a great, relaxing weekend in which the two of us got to spend lots of time together and just chill.  Which is wonderful considering we’ve been gone so much and been so stinking busy.

How cool it is to live in Nashville…

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