The past week was quite busy.  Jeff was in Georgia Monday through Friday, visiting AIM.  The World Race training camp for the October 2008 team was going on.  So, he was down there to help out with that.  And when he wasn’t helping, he was taking advantage of as much face-to-face time he could get with people in the office that he works closely with.  I also finished up my last Thursday night Bible study with the Community Bible Study girls.  We did a Beth Moore study, “The Patriarchs.”  It was quite good – – very informative, challenging and just a great time of fellowship with some amazing women.  I recommend it to any female out there, and those that have done more than one of her studies would recommend all of them!

While Jeff was gone, I did some cleaning (like I usually try to do)… well more like organizing this time.  This time, the only room I got to do, though, was the bedroom.  Why?  Well, because Tuesday I came home to a flooded dining room.

Yep, a flood.  It was a quiet, sneaky thing.  I walked into the apartment on Tuesday afternoon, everything looking as I’d left it that morning.  I walked through the dining room on my way to the kitchen, but squish…  I heard a noise, and my feet were suddenly cold and wet.  I turned, and there I saw a wet footprint in the carpet.  “That’s not suppose to be there”  came out of my mouth.  Then I thought about it for a second… “Oh no, not again…” 

I pulled the table chair away, and there were four wet circles where the legs had stood. Yep, the dining room was flooded again.

“Again?” you might ask.  Yes, again.  You see, this same time last year (ironic?), the apartment above had a water heater malfunction.  For an entire day (at least 24 hours.. not sure how long it took us – – the four of us apartments below that got flooded along with the upstairs apartment – – to notice what was happening) the water had ran through their broken water heater, down into my utility closet, and onto my dining room floor.  Silly me had heard water running the afternoon before, but I thought it was the dishwasher.  Then that morning, I’d heard water running again, but I thought it was their shower.  After I had gotten out of my shower, though, the sound just didn’t quite make sense.  I walked into the dining room, discovered the carpet was soaked, opened up my utility closet, and it was raining in the closet!  Turns out their water heater had busted. 

So now, one year later, our water heater suffered the same fate.  When the maintenance man pulled it out of the closet, the back seal was busted open.  I asked how that happens, and he said these little guys (the water heater is only a couple feet tall, it’s not the full size kind) just don’t last but a few years.  So it was just its time.  After he replaced it, in walked the carpet guy.  He sucked up the water, pulled out the nasty carpet pads, and left me a big fan to dry out the carpet for two days.  I finally had an empty house at 10:00 that night.

Then two days later, while I was at work, someone came back, put down new carpet pads, and supposedly reattached the carpet.  However, when I got home, I discovered the carpet was tacked down (where it was even tacked down at all) very poorly in between the kitchen and dining room and by the cabinets.  So after Jeff got home last weekend, he called the apartment office on Monday and had a guy come do it while someone was there.  I can’t believe the things people try to get away with!

But when things like this happen, it’s always nice to not have it be your problem to fix … OR pay for!