That should be a song title…  Anyway, with that is “Goodbye, July.”  So here’s our July in a nutshell:

July 4th weekend brought us up to Illinois for fireworks in Pleasant Hill (and to see S.H.A.R.C. play) and Casey and Sarah’s pre-wedding festivities.  Oh, yeah, and we bought a “new” car.

July 12-18 Jeff was a Project Leader for one of AIM’s short term mission trips.  He traveled to Melbourne, Florida, and led a youth group from Ohio.  He loved every minute of it, and I’m pretty sure he’s looking forward to doing another one next year.


The next weekend we headed to Florence, Alabama, to visit Jeff’s family.  From there we drove a half-hour to Tuscumbia to see Keith’s new restaurant, Da’ Hideaway (amazing food and great atmosphere), and to give Patrick his birthday presents.  He was six on the 23rd!  Of course, we didn’t leave until Patrick got to play with the gifts a bit… and Jeff.  🙂




Then came my 25th birthday on the 21st!  Jeff did very well in surprisng me and giving me a great birthday!  I came home to a wrapped front door, streamers in the apartment, and was then wisked away to a restaurant I’d been wanting to go to for quite some time – – The Melting Pot!

Finally, we ended the month just like we started it, back up in Illinois.  Congrats Casey and Sarah!  It was so great to have a mini college reunion with great friends and celebrate with THE GRANTS!