So Jeff has been in Melbourne, Florida, since Thursday leading a Short Term Mission Trip for AIM. Lots of things preceding the trip went wrong, from his car breaking down on his way to training (the old one, not the silver bullet!) to housing falling through and his luggage hopping on a different flight than he on the way to Florida.  However, God is sovereign and there are many beautiful stories coming out of this trip.  Today, though, much of the group (including Jeff) are feeling under the weather.   But, these kids are troopers and desire to continue serving and push past the sickness.  What beautiful hearts. 

While Jeff has been gone, I have resolved to thoroughly cleaning the apartment.  This is a project just about every time Jeff is gone for a work trip.  Sometimes, though, not as much is accomplished as I would like to get accomplished.  We’re not talking like picking up a few things and doing laundry – – that’s already been done.  We’re talking like scrubbing the floors, the walls, the baseboards… spring cleaning type of things.  However, last night was the night!  The brand new Swifter came out, the rugs were moved, and floors were scrubbed!  Then came the surface cleaner and some paper towels, and hello pretty white baseboards and walls in the bathroom! 

The vacuum was not left out last night, either.  Not that it’s only used when Jeff is away, but that last night was quite the night for the vacuum, so it must be mentioned. For those of you who know the vacuum (yes, actually a few of you girls have attempted to use it), this part of the story is for you!

I suffer from allergies.  In Illinois, they probably would have been classified as “seasonal” allergies, but in Tennessee they are every day, every MINUTE allergies.  All the time, non stop, like a shadow following me everywhere I go.  Anyway, because of these allergies, I have one of those bagless fancy smancy ones that supposedly help with allergies.  Ha!  We laugh in your face you fake!  These vacuums collect so much dust on their fronts, that it almost makes the vacuum do the exact opposite of what it’s suppose to – – clean and help eliminate pesky allergens.  Has anyone ever heard of dusting your vacuum?  Yep, it’s been done. 

Ever since before we got married, the “on” button has had a personality of its own.  Sometimes it willingly obliges a nice little press by the foot to the “on” button, and other times it apparently wants the day off.  Others have experienced this joy, because when we got married, a couple girls stayed in our apartment after the wedding.  They were so sweet and cleaned and organized and vacuumed!  Two weeks later, though, we got two gift cards for Target in the mail as wedding gifts from one of these girls.  And along with the nice little note, there were obvious hints that the gift cards were purchased with the intention of persuading us to replace our vacuum.  Sorry, Denise. Guess those gift cards went towards something else so much more “necessary” – – like trash bags or shampoo or something. 🙂

Well, last night, after several swift kicks (I didn’t have to work out after this!) to the “on” button and sucking up parts of both bathroom rugs, all the rugs in the apartment are clean! And right about now that new vacuum sounds really nice…  Is it sad that, after only being a wife for six months, I’m seriously thinking about asking for a vacuum for Christmas?