We have been married for six months this month (woohoo!) and have done great at living “simply,” saving and avoiding debt (double woohoo!)… Well that was nice while it lasted!  ha! But this new small “debt” is something we gladly take on and are thankful for.  Back story?  Ok!

Once apon a tme Jeff’s car broke down in Chattanooga on his way to AIM’S (Adventures In Missions) office in Georgia.  Here it is in this wedding picture taken as a joke, but we’re glad we now have it!  R.I.P. little Buick!

What started out to be just an airconditioner problem quickly became a fuse problem and then a head gasket problem, which led to lots of colorful fluids escaping from the car.  At that point the problems had declared that day to be the last day that sad little car would see the road again.

So the car was now gone, but Jeff was still in limbo between home and AIM.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with the geography down here, Nashville to Gainesville (where AIM is located) is about five hours on a good traffic day.  Chattanooga is two hours away – – almost half way.  So Jeff was very much stranded at the auto repair shop at 1:00 on a Monday afternoon.

Enter woman in shining armor!  I leave work and fly into Chattanooga to rescue the damsel(man) in distress.  On the way home it was decided that there is just too much traveling done by this family that buying another “gently” used car would not be the wisest decision.

So, we agreed to get a healthy and durable used car, and “we” decided on a Toyota.  After test driving both Corollas and Camrys, the size of the Camrys ended up beating out the mpgs of the Corollas (it was a close call!).  And now, only two weeks later and after much prayer, meet…

The good news is, the little Buick didn’t say its goodbyes as an invaluable grey box on wheels… it sold to the tow truck company for $100!  Now, what to get Ashley for her birthday… 🙂

Welcome to the family!

The Toyota Camry family!